Recent Items:
Committees Restructure Explanation Document
S/U Grading for Fall 2020
Open Letter Regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic and Racial Discrimination (April 9, 2020)
S/U Grading Basics (March, 2020)
Graduate Education Grading Recommendations (March 25, 2020)
UM System Open Access Task Force Report (October 21, 2019)
General Faculty Meeting PowerPoint Presentation (October 30, 2019)
MU Strategic Space Reduction and Relocation Planning Update (October 2019)
TFELT Announcement (September 24, 2019)
Committee on Committees Report (April 4, 2019)

Request for Examination of Pay Equity (February 20, 2020)
Faculty Affairs Recommendation on Campus-level Consulting Contracts (January, 2018)
Resolution concerning student evaluations of teaching (February, 2017)
Opposition of Allowing Conceal and Carry of Firearms on Campus (April, 2016)
Resolution to Examine MU/UMS Structure (February 11, 2016)

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How to be a Faculty Council substitute
Faculty Handbook
Faculty Council Rules of Order (May 7, 2021)
Previous Rules of Order (April 21, 2016)
University of Missouri Standing Committees
Intercampus Faculty Cabinet (IFC, of the University of Missouri System)
Missouri Association of Faculty Senates
National Survey for Student Engagement Information

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Faculty Governance Report, Final (October, 2017)
NTT Contract Approved Proposal (June, 2017)
Report of the Progress of the Race Relations Committee (Sept, 2016)

Teaching Scholarship Task Force Report Comment (June, 2014)
Teaching Evaluation Task Force Final Report (May, 2014)

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