Schedule 2022-2023

Below is a list of our planned guests and presentations throughout the academic year.
Revisions to the list are not uncommon.

2022 Fall Semester

September 1

September 15

(1) News Bureau Presentation
Christian Basi, Director, MU/UM System Media Relations
(2) Faculty Council Recognized Organization Presentation
Noah Heringman and Ted Koditschek, MU-AAUP Representatives

September 29(1) United Way Campus Campaign
Graham McCaulley, United Way Representatives
(2) Faculty Council Recognized Organization Presentation
Charles Nilon, Black Faculty and Staff Organization
(3) Honorary Degree Candidates in Closed Session
Wendy Sims, Chair, Honorary Degree Committee
October 13
Student Evaluation of Teaching Instrument
Marjorie Dorime-Williams and Kennon Sheldon, TFELT Committee Members

October 27

(1) Presentation to Faculty Council
Provost Ramchand
(2) Exam Accommodation Administration
Ashley Brickley, Director, and Stacy Sarabia, Exams Coordinator, MU Disability Center

November 2

Fall General Faculty Meeting

November 10

(1) Faculty Council Recognized Organization Presentation
Sarah Buchanan, MU Voz Latina
(2) NTT CRR Revisions
Noël Kopriva, Committee Member, Ad-Hoc

December 1Emergency Management Presentation
Mark Diedrich, Director, Emergency Management

December 15

Updates from President Mun Choi

2023 Spring Semester


January 19

Faculty Forum; Vote on proposal to update CRR 300.010 for NTT inclusion
February 2
UM System Pension Plan
Ryan Rapp, Executive Vice President, Finance & Operations and Chief Financial Officer
Eric Vogelweid, Assistant Vice President and Controller

February 16

COACHE Presentation
Shelly Rodgers, Daryl Smith, Committee Co-Chairs

March 2

COACHE Response
Provost Ramchand

March 16

Budget Committee Activities
Rhonda Gibler, Vice Chancellor, Finance Administration

April 5

Spring General Faculty Meeting
April 6Student Health and Well-Being Center
Jamie Shutter, Executive Director

Academic Standing Policy Proposal
Cecilia Olivares, Office of Academic Pathways Director

April 20
Research & Economic Development
Tom Spencer, Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development
May 4Report from Faculty Athletics Representative
Pam Bruzina, Faculty Athletics Representative to SEC/NCAA
June 22Update on the Research Misconduct Policy
MIchele Kennett, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Compliance
July 20