Shared Governance Award

Shared Governance Award logo
The MU Faculty Council on University Policy recognizes the importance of genuine shared governance to the success of our University. With this in mind, Council created this award to recognize individuals and groups who have demonstrated a commitment to and excellence in shared governance on our campus. Up to two awards will be given each year (one individual, one group). The Individual Award recognizes a member of the MU community who has made a significant contribution to shared governance. The Group Award recognizes a committee, office, or other collective of University community members that has made a significant contribution to shared governance.

Thanks to the generosity of the university president, each category recipient will receive a $ 1,000 reward.

The individual award may be given to any member of the MU campus (faculty, staff, administrator, student). Current Faculty Council members are not eligible for recognition.

The group award may go to a committee, office, division, department, or other recognizable collective of MU campus members. Faculty Council standing committees are not eligible for recognition, though a committee that includes a member (or members) of Faculty Council and/or Faculty Council appointees may be considered for recognition.

Any member of the MU faculty may propose nominations for individual and group awards.

Nomination materials will include:

  • For both categories: A nomination letter describing the activity or activities that qualify the candidate for nomination. The letter should also specifically address the impact of the nominee’s contributions to shared governance on campus.
  • For individual award: A recent CV –or– list of shared governance-related activities, with roles and dates where possible.
  • For group award: A description of the committee/division/department’s responsibilities, tasks and/or charges (preferably a formal/“official” one), together with a list of its current members. The list may also include notable former members, if the nominator believes it relevant.


All nominations and supporting materials must be received no later than Wednesday, March 29th, 2023 .  Please submit all materials electronically to  The recipient for each award will be notified the week of April 3rd and invited to attend the General Faculty Meeting in Stotler Lounge scheduled for April 5th at 3:30pm to receive this recognition and a plaque.

The Shared Governance Symbol
This was created by the students in the Graphic Design Program in the School of Visual Studies led by Professor Ric Wilson.  The students were invited to collaborate and work to create a symbol that could visually represent shared governance. Using the keywords of governance, balance, shared, democracy, and Mizzou, the students created the cube that you see today.  The four bars used represent the four seats of shared governance, and that is of the (1) Faculty, (2) Provost, (3) Chancellor, (4) President. In the cube symbol the bars are equally intertwined and complement each other, with two bars a bit larger than two others, but none the less important to complete the four equal sides of the cube, of the balance of shared governance.