XII. Publications for Informational and Administrative Purposes

Publications for Informational and Administrative Purposes

In accord with provisions of a policy established by the administration of the University of Missouri, the chancellor has the responsibility for reviewing and approving all publications designed to provide information about programs and/or procedures on the Columbia campus. This authority and responsibility related to campus publications may be delegated by the chancellor. (Note: This article conforms to the Executive Guidelines in effect as of January 1982). The chancellor, or his or her designated representatives, is responsible for the following categories of publications:

  • Administrative publications: i.e., publications issued for the benefit of prospective students and others who wish information about the campus or its programs. Publications in this area include: circulars of information, announcements of courses, general catalogs, announcements of the separate schools, colleges, divisions and curricula; the bulletins of the regular and summer sessions; promotional literature; general information leaflets; campus guides; leaflets dealing with fellowships, scholarships and prizes; class schedules; local handbooks of rules and regulations for students; final examination schedules; circulars for new students; welcome booklets; commencement programs. (Annual reports for the campus, schools, colleges, divisions, and departments should not be undertaken without specific approval of the chancellor.)

  • General informational publications for use of the public. Examples include agriculture series, reports of proceedings, extension promotional materials and periodicals, Business and Government Review, and similar publications.

  • Newsletters. Initiation of newsletters that are for use outside the department, school, college, or division and that consist of four pages or more or have more than one color, should have the approval of the campus publications office.