XI. Conduct, Communication and Other Student Affairs

Conduct, Communication and Other Student Affairs
[amended 04/27/17]

  1. The regulations governing student conduct are the same as those outlined in Section 200 of the Collected Rules and Regulations of the university.
  2. An abstract of the rules governing Standard of Conduct applicable to MU students is available from the Office of Student Accountability & Support. (Additional rules governing conduct in the classroom may be imposed by the academic unit in which the student is enrolled or by an individual instructor.)
  3. At the beginning of each term, students must provide the Office of the University Registrar with their current local and permanent home addresses. They must keep that office informed of any change(s) in either address.
    1. The university will also issue official electronic mail (“email”) accounts to all incoming students. For any official mailings, the latest postal address or university electronic mail address will be used, thereby fulfilling the university’s obligation of notification.

      In addition to communications by email, students may be offered the opportunity to receive telephonic/electronic text messages (“texts”) from various departments, and/or individual faculty. If offered, the student shall be able to opt in to such an availability. If the student has not opted in to receive texts, they are not to be notified by texts. Students cannot be required to text with departments or faculty. Faculty cannot be required to communicate with students via text messaging. Any communication provided via texts must also be provided via an additional method to ensure that all potentially impacted students or their designees receive the information. A text received or sent by a faculty member is not an official communication. Text communications to students under this policy must reflect university values and adhere to federal laws as well as all other university policies related to communication with students by faculty and staff.
    2. Texts from personal phones require that the phones be password protected. The devices and the software systems generating texts must adhere to current policies and procedures of the MU Division of Information Technology.
  4. MU will make every effort to notify students either individually or collectively of all matters pertaining to registration and early registration, payment of fines and fees, and other such matters that affect students. In addition, offices of the deans will attempt to notify students concerning graduation requirements and other matters pertinent to the students’ progress toward graduation. Students must take cognizance of all notices, and within a reasonable time after such notice is given, students will be deemed to have knowledge of all matters contained in such notices. MU cannot assume responsibility for non-delivery of mail or for the misplacement of written notifications in group housing. It will be the policy of the MU to retain for a reasonable period all letters returned for non-delivery by the United States Postal Service.
  5. If summoned by any university official or committee, a student must answer that summons within the time specified in the official notification.
  6. The Committee on Student Organizations, Government, and Activities (SOGA) has the responsibility to make recommendations concerning recognition and activities of student government associations, fraternities, sororities, and cooperatives to the vice chancellor for Student Affairs. Such student associations, organizations, and activities will first seek recognition from the Missouri Students Association, which will forward to SOGA the evidence needed for making recommendations. Recognition provides access to university facilities, eligibility for funds obtained from student activity fees, and assistance with financial records from the auditor of student organizations. Soon after the beginning of each academic year, each recognized student association, organization, and activity, through the Center for Student Life, will file with SOGA the names and addresses of its officers and current copies of its constitution or statement of purpose. In order to hold an office in a recognized student organization or to represent the university in an official capacity, a student must be enrolled in a minimum of six semester hours during a regular semester.
  7. Student Affairs advises Mizzou Student Media, an editorially independent student-run news source.
  8. In order for the University to maintain and protect its brand, all University departments and recognized student organizations are required to obtain prior approval from the MU Office of Licensing and Trademarks to use any of the marks or names of the University in any commercial or non-commercial venture, including giveaways, fundraising activities, and internal use.
  9. The university registrar may, upon request, furnish to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, information regarding grades of students for purposes such as consideration for membership in honor societies, provided that the furnishing of such information is in compliance with the provisions of the MU Supplemental Policy on Student Records and The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.