Student Affairs 2020-2021

Student Affairs

The committee will attend to the following issues and report to Council as appropriate:

  • • Review 2019-2020 committee annual report and address any unfinished business (
    • Work with Ben Trachtenberg in consideration of existing campus committee structure (including task forces and working groups) and develop sensible and efficient approaches for ensuring effective shared governance in student affairs.
    • Work with the Chancellor, the Provost, the Dean of the Graduate School, and the Graduate Professional Council to focus on graduate students’ concerns, their representation in campus affairs including their access to campus resources and mental heath services.
    • Work with the Vice Provost of Student Affairs to identify and guide new student affairs initiatives.
    • Advise on implementation of reforms regarding campus fraternities and sororities.
    • Collaborate with campus administration and other stakeholders as mental health and wellbeing are integrated, and specifically ensure that on-line students have adequate access to mental health resources.
    • Consider what the University can do to address the unique needs of international students (undergraduate and graduate/professional).
    • Discuss with the Disability Center on how to implement best practices for serving students in the COVID and on-line environment.
    • Establish a system for allowing students to provide feedback to the university and administration on COVID-related issues.

Committee Membership:

Libby Cowgill

Kathleen Trauth
Sarah Buchanan
Rocio Rivera
Patrick Shiu
Joi Moore