Shared Governance Award Recipients


Individual Award

Emily Leary, PhD
Assistant Professor
Director of Orthopaedic Biostatistics
MU School of Medicine

Photograph of Emily Leary

“Dr. Leary is an individual who demonstrates excellence and a commitment to shared governance.  She is a focused leader who clearly communicates, supports the democratic process, and is consistent, inclusive, and acts with intention. She is responsive to feedback from others and encourages discussion. She regularly engaged with basic science and clinical faculty, the SOM Dean, and administrators in the School of Medicine. She increased the visibility of the Faculty Affairs Council within the School of Medicine, reinforced the value of faculty involvement in decision-making, and promoted accountability, collaboration, and transparency within the medical school. She frequently worked to engage faculty and consistently asked SOM leadership to include faculty representation during decision-making. Dr. Leary is an excellent advocate for the faculty in the School of Medicine and a model of a faculty member’s duty in shared governance.”

Group Award

MU Extension Faculty

This award is to honor the hard-won changes of the CRR specifically CRR 300.010 which allows for all full-time ranked faculty who are part of a college or school or MU libraries including all NTT Extension faculty to have representation on the Faculty Council. The approved vote removed any inconsistencies regarding NTT faculty status as well as accorded full voting rights and representation on the Faculty Council to all ranked NTT faculty. The MU Extension Field Faculty will forever be grateful for finally being recognized as part of the MU campus as faculty.

(Mun Choi, MU Extension’s Chad Higgins and Todd Lorenz, and Tom Warhover)