Faculty Visits with Executive Team

Please take an opportunity to meet the President and Provost in a small group.  Below are dates for which President Choi and Provost Ramchand have reserved one-hour sessions to visit with faculty.  These forums provide an opportunity for the President and Provost to learn more about faculty scholarship, teaching and service, and for faculty to learn more about them.  There is no set agenda, and faculty can ask questions about any topic.

To request a date convenient for you, you must contact Cathleen Wood at facultycouncil@missouri.eduThese opportunities are not scheduled through the Provosts or Presidents office, and are scheduled strictly through Faculty Council. Session capacity is 8 faculty.  Every session via Zoom. Available dates will be crossed off as they become unavailable.

Sessions with both President Choi and Provost Ramchand:
March 2nd, 5pm
May 7th, Noon

Sessions with the Provost (only):
March 8th, 2-3pm
March 25th, 2-3pm
April 5th, 2-3pm
April 21st, 2-3pm
May 3rd, 2-3pm
May 17th, 2-3pm