Inclusion, Diversity & Equity 2022-2023

Charges for 2022-23 are currently being developed (last years charges below). This page will be updated with new charges once determined.

Faculty Council membership on committee:
Pam Bruzina

Carol Orbann
Neil Fox
Jenny Bossaller


Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Charges for 2021-2022

The committee will attend to the following issues and report to Council as appropriate:

  • Review 2021-2022 committee annual report and address any unfinished business (
  • Examine the MU Campus Inclusive Excellence Plan and consider issues of implementation and need for revision;
  • Engage with Maurice Gipson, Vice Chancellor of Inclusion, Diversity & Equity, to follow up on restructuring of Social Justice Centers;
  • Engage regularly with the new Vice Chancellor of Inclusion, Diversity & Equity to improve curricula and training on issues of inclusion, diversity and equity;
  • Engage with Bill Stackman, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, and the working group charged with examining Free Speech Policy;
  • Follow up with the Committee on Undergraduate Education (CUE) regarding IDE outcomes for undergraduate curriculum;
  • Review COACHE 2019 Faculty Survey for issues impacting IDE;
  • Work with Alex Socarides, Vice Provost for Faculty Success, on equity in workload assessment;
  • Monitor the new winter weather leave policy and its impact on women faculty as well as single parents. Meet with Marsha Fischer, Vice President for HR, on this and workspace issues;
  • Explore child care availability and the degree to which the campus accommodates the needs of the families involved on campus; explore the impact of COVID on child care and burdens on female & single parent faculty;
  • Connect with the Next Generation Precision Health Initiative leadership on how IDE issues are being considered;
  • Follow up with RSVP Center to explore support for victims of relationship and sexual violence on campus and consider whether action is needed to improve services;
  • Ensure that principles of fairness, equity, and inclusion characterize the changes regarding faculty affairs with administrative responsibilities to units coming under the new budget model;
  • Meet with representatives of Black and Latinx faculty and staff about any issues or concerns they would like to see addressed by FC.  Also, pay attention to conversations and issues regarding Black, Latinx, LGBTQIA+ faculty to determine, what if any actions FC might take toward these existing and ongoing concerns.