Fiscal Affairs 2020 – 2021

Fiscal Affairs

The Fiscal Affairs Committee is charged as follows:

  • Review 2019-2020 committee annual report and address any unfinished business (
  • Facilitate transparency in the budgetary process at all levels, especially unit levels, which is especially critical under the new budget model.
  • Encourage shared governance in discussions regarding space reduction and utilization.
  • Encourage shared governance regarding revenue generation within and across units.
  • Monitor how the campus implements any policies concerning the “taxing” of reserves.
  • Monitor CARES (Covid) related revenue and expenditures.
  • Monitor the fiscal impact on the campus budget of the consolidation of the UM System with the MU Campus.

Committee Membership:

Peter Wilden

Robin Rotman
Rabia Gregory
Rick Johnson
Leslie Lyons
John Gahl