Fiscal Affairs 2019-2020

Fiscal Affairs

The Fiscal Affairs Committee is charged as follows:

  • Consider existing campus committees (including task forces and working groups) and develop sensible bodies for ensuring effective shared governance in fiscal affairs.
  • Identify the data needed for this committee to continue its effort at facilitating transparency in the budgetary process at all levels and now in all types of organizations across campus.
  • Determine and describe how the various units on campus, academic and otherwise, have dealt with the University’s recent significant budget reductions.
  • With these data in hand, initiate a dialogue and deliver a report that discusses various methods to deal with the University’s budget difficulties, ranging from cost cutting (e.g., reorganization of support and service organizations) to income generation (e.g., differential tuition).
  • Monitor how the campus implements the proposed policy concerning the “taxing” of reserves (related to the need for money to fund proposed construction of plant growth centers, as well as other needs).

Committee Membership:

Jay Dow

Robin Rotman
Rick Johnson
John Gahl
Leslie Lyons
Peter Wilden