Fiscal Affairs Committee 2023-2024

The Fiscal Affairs Committee will address matters of faculty interest with respect to financial aspects of the administration of the University. This committee will advise University leaders on all aspects of the campus budgeting process in support of the University’s core missions of teaching, research, and service, and will support the priorities established through strategic planning. The Committee will advise on operational planning, appraisal of resource needs, and the distribution of resources through allocation models. The Fiscal Affairs Committee will coordinate the work of any campus task forces needed for the Committee’s mission. One chair, elected by the Faculty Council from among its own members (this person will serve on the Faculty Council Executive Committee); Staff support will be provided by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance. Motions may be sent from this committee to the Faculty Council.

Faculty Council membership on the committee:
Kelli Canada (CHS),, term exp 7/31/24

Carol Ward (MED),, term exp 7/31/24
Richard Johnson (BUS),, term exp 7/31/24
Carlos Wexler (A&S),, term exp 7/31/24
Andrew Clarke, (CAFNR),, term exp 7/31/24
(Non-Voting RO) Noah Heringman

Fiscal Affairs Committee Focus for Spring 2024:

  1. Discuss ideas for improving shared governance and transparency in fiscal decision making.
  2. Mizzou Forward – Funding for Mizzou Forward and fiscal impacts on the University will be addressed in the March meeting with Rhonda Gibler; will discuss return on investment with student success and recruitment during meeting with the Provost.
  3. Administrative pay raises vs. faculty pay raises.
  4. Tiered tuition system and course fees – to be discussed in meeting with the Provost.