Faculty Affairs 2023-2024

The Faculty Affairs Committee will advise campus leaders on matters of particular interest to faculty, including academic personnel policy, faculty conduct, faculty career development, tenure and promotion, and policies affecting non-tenure-track faculty. It will coordinate its work with that of campus bodies charged with making decisions and recommendations related to faculty conduct and academic personnel.

Faculty Council membership on committee:
LeeAnne Sherwin

Liz Harrison (EXT), eharrison@missouri.edu, term exp 7/31/24
Penny Smith-Parris (A&S), smithparrisp@missouri.edu, term exp 7/31/24
Kathryn Dothage, (EXT), dothagem@missouri.edu, term exp 7/31/24
Peter Wilden, (SOM), wildenp@health.missouri.edu, term exp 7/31/24
Nicholas LeFevre (SOM), nlefevre@health.missouri.edu, term exp 7/31/24
(FC Non-Voting) Frank Schmidt (MURA), schmidtf@missouri.edu

Faculty Affairs Committee Charges for 2023-2024

  1. Communicate with Associate Provost Candace Kuby to ensure the updated gender equity salary study is conducted in fall 2023 and that it includes entities that were not included in 2015.
  2. Follow-up with provost (P & T taskforce) about the report on individuals being pressured to withdraw P&T cases, including:
    • Monitoring the number of withdrawals at each level throughout the year
    • Discussing ideas for clarifying departmental expectations and bolstering the 3rd year review process (so that candidates have greater clarity at both stages about what is expected for successful tenure and/or promotion applications).
  3. Work with myVita coordinator Cathleen Wood to address issues of “fit” for all faculty.
  4. Work with Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Michele Kennett to revise policy for CRR regarding research misconduct, ensuring that faculty voice is present in both the revision process and in investigating cases.
  5. Monitor the implementation of faculty workload policies and continue to work with administration and faculty to improve communication, transparency, equity, and shared governance as these policies are implemented.

Faculty Affairs Committee 2022-2023 Annual Report

Faculty Affairs Committee Previous Annual Reports