Inclusion, Diversity & Equity 2019-2020

Inclusion, Diversity & Equity 

The committee will attend to the following issues and report to the Council as appropriate:

  • Consider existing campus committees (including task forces and working groups) and develop sensible bodies for ensuring effectiveness shared governance in diversity enhancement.
  • Examine the MU Campus Inclusive Excellence Plan and consider issues of implementation and need for revision.
  • Collaborate with CDO/Vice Chancellor Kevin McDonald on improving curricula and training on issues of diversity and inclusion. Examine the implementation of the newly-approved requirement at the College of Arts & Science and other units that may have similar requirements.
  • Explore child care availability and the degree to which the campus accommodates the needs of the families involved on campus.
  • Consider how the School of Medicine is responding to diversity and inclusion issues raised in the June 2016 report of the Liaison Committee on Medical Education, and suggest how Council might assist with these efforts.
  • Contact Dean Loboa and others in leadership regarding the planned TPMC and how IDE issues are considered in relation to it and can be incorporated (e.g., names on (parts of) the building, artists hired for work).
  • Explore support for victims of relationship and sexual violence on campus and consider whether action is needed to improve services.

Committee Membership:

Rebecca Graves

Anand Chandrasekhar
Phillip Wood
Johanna Kramer
David Singh
Tom Warhover
Peter Dyke