Budget Committee 2022-2023

Charges for 2022-23 are currently being developed (last years charges below). This page will be updated with new charges once determined.

Faculty Council membership on committee:
Patrick Pinhero

Rick Johnson
Kelli Canada
Travis Shaffer
Noah Heringman (non-voting)
Carol Ward


Budget Committee Charges for 2021-2022:

The committee will attend to the following issues and report to Council as appropriate:

  • Address Parking Fee increases – is there a better solution for years 2 & 3?
  • Engage with the work of the RAM committees – progress & plans
  • Follow-up on rising benefit costs for employees
    • Salaries of staff – equitable (versus new hourly rates) – Cost of living
    • Weaknesses of the cost analyses of staff, missing positions, inequities
  • Follow-up of COVID-related expense reimbursements from government agencies
  • Review Athletics budgetary shortfall
    • New leadership plan, COVID shortfall
  • Follow-up on faculty salary reduction process
    • Promise of salary equity study update ~18% difference
    • Status of Women Committee – reach out
  • Follow-up on future plans to outsource some staff positions, e.g., janitorial staff
    • Is this the right committee?
  • **Address faculty salary compression
  • **Investigate changes in GO support to colleges/MU
    • How PMI changes allocations of funds?
  • **Calculations of AAU metrics
    • MU last in faculty salaries