Research, Scholarship, and Economic Development

Research, Scholarship, and Economic Development

As a Research I institution engaged in the highest levels of scholarly activity, making scientific, intellectual, and artistic contributions to our respective fields has always been a defining characteristic of the University of Missouri. Our 2018 Strategic Plan, Flagship for the Future, identifies “Excellence in Research and Creative Works” as one of its five core elements and sets an expectation of doubling research expenditures across disciplines. While teaching and supervising students tends to split faculty time with research (broadly defined), scholarly production plays a central role in promotion and tenure decisions.

Despite the importance of research to MU’s mission, and despite the abundant campus standing committees involving faculty, no assigned body has the dedicated responsibility to ensure shared governance in identifying strategy or investment priorities regarding research. The urgency of faculty involvement has never been higher, given continuing budgetary pressures, the current strategic plan, and MU’s new fiscal model. Our obligation to be prudent stewards of public investment dollars comes with a responsibility to honor our Land Grant mission and apply research to contribute to economic develop across Missouri.

The charge of this committee is to act as a liaison between the faculty and University leadership on matters of faculty interest with respect to the research, scholarly, and economic development aspects of the University’s mission as well as advising on and developing policies surrounding these topics.

Committee Membership:

John Middleton

David Singh
April Langley
Zandra De Araujo
John Gahl