Academic Affairs 2023-2024

Charges for 2023-2024 are being developed (previous year’s charges below). This page will be updated once new charges are determined.

Faculty Council Membership on Committee:
Patrick Pinhero, (COE),, term exp 7/31/24

Kara Braudis, (MED),, term exp 7/31/24
Kevin Brown, (A&S),, term exp 7/31/24
Chris Josey, (A&S),, term exp 7/31/24
Rafael Gely, (LAW),, term exp 7/31/24

2022-2023 Academic Affairs Annual Report

Academic Affairs Committee Charges for 2023-2024:
Inter-semester Subcommittee Charges:

  1. Annual Renewal of the Test Optional Admissions Policy
  2. New Course Evaluation Tool Review Process
  3. Survey Process of Revision of Record (RoR) / Academic Appeals Processes
  4. “Honors by Contract” Courses
Intra-semester Subcommittee Charges:
  1. Resolving the removal of the “Observer” from Canvas LMS courses
  2. Dead Week / Finals Week Revisions ==> Re-imagining Finals Week
  3. Grade Replacement Policies
  4. Establishing a policy promoting an expectation that faculty utilize the CANVAS LMS in every MU course
  5. Instituting a Fall Break