Meeting Minutes: June 10, 1999


Present: Edward Adelstein, Lloyd Barrow, Dennis Wright (for Bruce Biddle), Melvin Blase, Elizabeth Geden, Allen Hahn, Edward Hunvald, Tom Hurley, Nancy Knipping, Jackie Card (for William Kurtz), Henry Liu, Michael McKean, Mark Milanick, Don Miles, David Rayl, Robert Weagley, Paul Weirich, William Wiebold and Robert Almony (Librarians). Absent: Gordon Christensen, Michael Devaney, Dan Edidin, Judith Goodman, Robert Hall, Loren Nikolai, Glenn Pierce, Robin Remington, Russ Zguta, Wayne Decker (Retirees), and Mable Grimes (Black Faculty&Staff).

Approval of Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 3:30 p.m. by Chair Robert Weagley in room S110 of the Memorial Union. The April 29, 1999 Council minutes were approved following correction of the last sentence in the Discussion Items section to read: "A university system committee is also discussing this same issue."

Report of Officers

Chair Weagley reminded Council to please take a moment to fill out our "exit" questionnaires and mail back to the Council Office. Council was also reminded of our upcoming elections on July 29 and the need for nominations for the remaining eight offices on executive committee. The members of the nomination committee are: Russ Zguta, Don Miles, and Tom Hurley.

Chair Weagley reported to Council that in regard to the across-the-board $400 raises to all employees that even top administrators would be restricted to that dollar amount. This announcement came as a result of the inquiries that followed release of the intended plan for the AY 1999-00 raises in order to offset the anticipated increase in health care premiums.

Discussion Items

Status of Women Committee Proposal for a Day Care Center. Members of the Status of Women Committee reported on the issue of child care and its history on this campus. They propose an on- site child care facility to be located as close to the center of campus as possible. They note that the College of Human Environmental Sciences maintains a child care facility in Stanley Hall however it is primarily for research and is not for general purpose child care. This research facility, it was further noted, has an extremely long waiting list of university employees which further demonstrates the need for a child care facility on campus.

The committee announced that a task force is to be established to further determine the need, interest, and potential campus locations. The committee then asked Council for their input and support.

A motion was made then seconded that the Faculty Council endorse their proposal and write a letter in their support to the Chancellor. A motion was made and seconded to suspend the rules. This motion passed and then the motion to endorse the proposal passed.

Acceptable Use of MU Computing Resources. Michael McKean reported on the progress of the acceptable computer use policy and the rights and responsibilities of users. In addition, he reported on the port charges for computer connections that were to start in July, 1999.

Request for International Programs Review. The review of international programs on campus was discussed. In regard to the International Ad Hoc Committee's Report by Melvin Blase, Council suggested a slight modification be made to this report then instructed the Chair to write a cover letter and send both to our Provost.

Non-regular Faculty. Elizabeth Geden, Chair of the Faculty Affairs committee, presented to Council recommendations regarding matters related to non-regular faculty. Council voted to suspend the rules and vote on the first recommendation, which states that Council host one open forum each semester during AY 1999-00. The motion to suspend the rules passed and then Council voted to approve the committee's first recommendation.

Council then made suggestions to the Faculty Affairs committee for further changes to the remaining recommendations.

1998-99 Committee on Committee's Report. Council voted to accept this report. Council also enacted a transmissal to the 1999-00 Committee on Committees which requests them to broaden their charge to include reviewing staff representation on all non-academic campus standing committees.

Board of Curators Report

Edward Hunvald directed Council to his report on the May 1999 Board meeting in Kansas City. Hunvald commented that the next two scheduled Board meetings, July 15-16 in Columbia and September 2-3 in Portageville, would be of more significance. Hunvald reminded Council of their plans for hosting a Breakfast for the Board at the July meeting.

Any Other Business

Just prior to going into closed session there was some additional commentary. Melvin Blase reported that the Research Incentive Committee will soon have a report and asked Council if they would be interested to have this report shared with them. There was also a short discourse concerning the Committee on Undergraduate Education (CUE), general education requirements, and transfer and articulation policies.


Council moved into closed session to discuss committee appointments. Upon completion the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Mark Milanick, Recorder