Meeting Minutes: November 14, 1996


Present: Edward Adelstein, Lloyd Barrow, Leonard Forte, Allen Hahn, Peter Hall, Nancy Knipping, Charles Knowles, John Dwyer (for William Kurtz), Henry Liu, Mike Middleton, Marian Minor, Beryl Ortwerth, Alex Pickard, Patricia Plummer, Michael Porter, Jan Colbert (for Don Ranly), Ray Rothenberger, Dennis Sentilles, Mary Ellen Sievert, Robert Weagley, Gilbert Youmans, Russ Zguta, Robert Almony (Librarians), and Rod Kabrick (for Wayne Decker, Retirees). Absent: Gordon Christensen, Jere Francis, Elizabeth Geden, Hildegarde Heymann, John Miles, Robin Remington, and Mable Grimes (Black Faculty&Staff).

Approval of Minutes

Chair Dennis Sentilles called the meeting to order at 3:40 p.m. in Room S110 of the Memorial Union. The minutes of the October 31, 1996 meeting were approved.

Report of Officers

Dennis announced that past minutes of Faculty Council are now available on the Faculty Council Web Page which is accessible from the University of Missouri home page. Dennis then thanked Michael Porter for presiding over the last meeting of Faculty Council and for all the work he has done for Council this year. Next, Dennis noted that he was particularly pleased to hear that Faculty Council had agreed to license Jean Hamilton and Don Sievert to work on the Task Force on the Future of MU. He believes that this is the kind of effort that faculty should undertake before any system of post-tenure review is considered or put in place, "...lest we take a chance on destroying what makes a university such a special place--a place that attracts those of each generation who are born to speculate intellectually, and that, as an institution, has endured so well." Dennis then noted that during the last meeting he was away at the invitation of President Mel George and Board President Hall, attending an Association of Governing Boards conference in Charleston along with Curator Horne. Dennis reported that he found a great deal of confidence in their respect and appreciation of what the University is, and that they want to do the right thing for our institution. He noted that one of the apparent feelings that came out at the conference was that governing boards, university presidents, and faculty leaders typically share a sense of powerlessness to affect the institution, and their real frustration in feeling that their concerns are not being heard and understood by the others.

Dennis encourages all members of Faculty Council, in fact all members of the faculty, to offer contributions to Faculty Forum. Professor Basu, of Statistics, has offered to contribute a piece on Ed Demming, the guru of CQI and TQI, as it would apply to faculty work and reward. Page 2 of the 11-14-96 Minutes of the Faculty Council

Campus Computing is making an effort to put together a data hub to design an information organization and retrieval system for the campus based on new technology. Ralph Caruso met with the Executive Committee of Faculty Council to explain this and other Campus Computing activities. The Executive Committee has asked Professors Hahn and Sievert to represent us on the Data Hub Group.

Michael Porter then reported on the IFC meeting of November 14. Mike reported that the English language proficiency document will be sent to President George today from IFC. The statement from IFC relies on the language adopted by this Faculty Council. Next, Michael reported that President George is currently looking for an alternative way of dealing with the sexual orientation issue; in fact, a more radical step--a positive affirmation versus an exclusionary list in terms of how we view individuals and how we judge them. Mike also reported that IFC made some basic decisions regarding a possible common calendar for the four campuses. First, spring break will take place in the last full week of the month of March, with classes beginning in the fourth full week of August. Second, classes are to begin on the second Monday in January, if possible. If that is Martin Luther King's birthday, then classes are to begin on the following Tuesday. Mike then reported on the grievance procedure for non-regular faculty that is an issue in the Kansas City area at this time. The problem seems to be one of regular faculty reviewing the grievances of non-regular faculty. Discussion on this was tabled after some time by IFC. Next, Mike reported that there have been some major changes made in the Institute for Instructional Development. A small amount ($250,000) remains with IID to fund good proposals; but, the remainder ($850,000) is being reserved to fund some new ideas that will be determined soon. They are looking for leadership from campus provosts and we may wish to speak with our Provost on this issue. Mike then reported that President Mel George has established two new task forces: 1) Research Competitiveness, and 2) Public Policy Analysis Issues. He will be seeking names from each campus to participate on these task forces to explore their roles for the system. Vice President Jim McGill and Ken Hutchinson met with IFC to discuss issues related to health care plans. They are still looking into a vision plan at this time. Mike then reported that Adam Fisher met with IFC regarding the presidential search process. They currently have approximately 75 resumes and plan to narrow this down to 3-5 by the end of this semester. At that time, they will include a panel of nine faculty, including the president of IFC and two faculty from each campus at least one of whom is a Curator professor. We do not know at this time how these Curator professors are to be selected. Finally, Michael reported that IFC has requested that the final three candidates be required to make a public presentation to the faculty. It was noted that IFC requested that there be at least one faculty member on the committee at this time, and that they were told it was "too late to expand the committee at this time."

Action Items

No action items.

Discussion Items

The AY 98-99 Calendar. Gilbert Youmans, chair of Academic Affairs, presented a proposed academic calendar for the 1998/99 academic year. Various alternatives were noted on the proposed calendar and were discussed. Faculty Council then moved, seconded, and passed a resolution that the academic calendar allow for a one-week break during Thanksgiving and that spring recess be held during the last week of March. A copy of the proposed academic calendar is available from the Faculty Council Office. This matter will be taken up for a final decision and approved at the next Faculty Council meeting.

A Resolution on Regularly Scheduled Final Exams. A copy of a resolution on the meeting of regularly scheduled final exams was circulated for consideration. It was then moved, seconded, and passed to suspend the rules to allow for a vote on this resolution. It was then moved, seconded and passed to adopt the following resolution.

"University Faculty Council calls upon all faculty to respect the needs of their colleagues who are trying to engage students in coursework up to Stop Day by not scheduling a final exam at any time other than during the regularly scheduled final exam period. This resolution is in accord with University policy. Faculty are also reminded to honor the spirit of Stop Day, and conduct no class activities of any kind on that day." The Concept of a Faculty Ombudsman. Al Hahn reported on a faculty ombudsman position as it currently exists at Kansas State University. He noted that this has reduced grievances to only one or two per year at that institution. Furthermore, Al reported that Richard Gallagher, of Kansas State University, may be willing to come and speak to us about their program. The Special Projects Committee, chaired by Al Hahn, will continue to investigate this idea.

Standing Committee Reports

Academic Affairs. Academic Affairs is looking at several proposals for which they will present final details at some time in the future. This includes the possibility of proposing that only the last grade that a student receives in any class will be reported on their transcript. They also will propose eliminating the withdrawal/failing grade. The committee is continuing to discuss the +/- grading system and will await a survey of a student committee that is looking into this at this time. The committee has also discussed the concept of "academic bankruptcy" for students. This would allow older students to "begin anew" after some specific elapsed period of time.

Faculty Affairs. Faculty Affairs Committee is still looking at the logistics in dealing with the document from the Provost Advisory Committee on Promotion and Tenure. They will also begin soon on continuing the work of dealing with evaluation of campus administrators.

Fiscal Affairs. Mary Ellen Sievert noted that they hoped to report soon on the merit salary reporting structure. Page 4 of the 11-14-96 Minutes of the Faculty Council

Special Projects. It was noted that the Faculty Council Website is up and is currently receiving approximately 150 hits a week. Al Hahn asked people to suggest interesting, "hot" topics that they may wish to see available on the Web.

Student Affairs. Student Affairs Committee is continuing to discuss the Math 80 problem, as it was presented to us by several students several weeks ago. They are also looking into a possible code of conduct for students.

Other Business

The Executive Committee of the MU chapter of the AAUP handed out a proposed Council resolution regarding faculty participation in the selection of a president. This resolution may be considered at a future date.

Closed Session and Adjournment

Faculty Council moved into closed session at 4:50 p.m. and adjourned at 4:55 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Robert Almony, Recorder