Meeting Minutes: September 29, 1994


Present were: Lloyd Barrow, Keith Roys (for Hardeep Bhullar), Dale Blevins, Vicki Conn, Jay Dix, Leonard Forte, Allen Hahn, Andrew Twaddle (for Peter Hall), Craig Israelsen (for Jean Hamilton), Edward Hunvald, Charles Knowles, Loren Nikolai, Deborah Pearsall, Keith Byington (for Larry Penney), Glenn Pierce, Patricia Plummer, Michael Porter, Michael Prewitt, Dennis Sentilles, John Budd (for Mary Ellen Sievert), Fred Springsteel, Harry Tyrer, Betty Winfield, Bob Birkenholz, Bob Almony (Library), Roy Utz (Retirees), and Mabel Grimes (Black Faculty and Staff). Absent were: Gary Allee, Benedict Campbell, John Miles, and Don Sievert.

Approval of Minutes

Chairman Ed Hunvald called the meeting to order in Room S110 of the Memorial Union at 3:40 p.m. The minutes were approved with two corrections: 1) typographical correction was made in the last sentence of the paragraph dealing with Gil Porter's report on general education; and, 2) the last section of the minutes had the words committee assignments inserted in the phrase "Closed Session for Committee Assignments and Adjournment."

Report of Officers

Ed Hunvald reported that we have received a recommendation for the Financial Oversight Committee requesting Council to ask the Administration to adopt a policy of filing what they call "Educational Impact Statement" with regard to major expenditures. This will be considered by the Executive Committee (Dennis Sentilles is a member of both the Financial Oversight Committee and the Executive Committee) and then it will be discussed with the Provost Office and with the Chancellor.

Secondly, the National Science Foundation, as of June 28, 1995, requires an institutional conflict of interest policy for principal investigators and applicants. The Health and Human Services Agency has issued a proposed policy on conflict of interest. Both of these go beyond the University's present policy. The Chancellor's office has sent copies of an analysis of these policies to deans, department chairs, and the Executive Committee of Council. The Executive Committee will be reviewing these.

Ed also noted that he has received a copy of the report of the MU Health Plan Oversight Committee. This will discussed by the Executive Committee at their next meeting and will very likely be a discussion item for the next session of Faculty Council.

Mike Prewitt will be the Council liaison to the Assessment Task Force. There will be a proposal to make this task force into a standing committee.

Based upon a letter sent out to the Library Scholarship Policy Task Force by Chancellor Kiesler some confusion had arisen as to the charge to this task force. The original charge was prepared by Faculty Council. The Executive Committee discussed the Chancellor's letter with him. The Chancellor views his letter as simply an amplification, or an addition, to the original charge of the task force.

Ed reported that there has been some confusion regarding the present Board of Curators Rules and Regulations with regard to financial exigency and program discontinuance. First, the material in the present Faculty Handbook is in part out of date. The financial exigency provision (section 320.140-Chapter 9 in the Faculty Handbook) was rescinded by the Board about three years ago. Secondly, the provisions on discontinuance of programs (section 320.150-Chapter 10) have been substantially revised. The date of the most recent revision is July 30, 1992. It is clear that the provisions apply only when discontinuance of a program would result in the termination of tenured faculty. The new version provides that the process of discontinuance can be initiated in two ways: 1) by the Chancellor; and 2) by the Board. If Board-initiated, the procedural and policy limitations applicable to Chancellor-initiated discontinuance do not apply. There is a provision also for consultation with the President and the Chancellor who will consult with the affected unit and with appropriate faculty representatives. The affected unit is also given the opportunity to submit a response. Furthermore, the statement of policy considerations applicable to Chancellor-initiated revision has been modified. The prior language emphasized that the decision was to be based primarily upon academic considerations. The new version simply lists a set of factors to be considered. There are extensive provisions dealing with the rights of the individual faculty member who is terminated (tenured or nontenured), dealing with notice, appeal, placement within the University system, and transition benefits for tenured faculty with at least 5 years service and for staff with at least 5 years service. It was suggested by Pat Plummer that the current rules and regulations be placed on INFORMU, so that all faculty and staff have access to these since the current Faculty Handbook is out of date.

Council has received the System Appropriations Request for fiscal year 1996 and a System Appropriations request for fiscal year 1996 for capital expenditures. Two sets of these are also available for faculty to review at the Reserve Desk in Ellis Library.

Action Item

1996-97 Academic Calendar. The 1996-97 Academic Calendar was approved as presented by Michael Prewitt and the Academic Affairs Committee. There were no changes made.

Report from Intercampus Faculty Council

Pat Plummer, now Chair of the Intercampus Faculty Council, reported that they are working on an administrative evaluation form for the four campuses. Furthermore, she reported that the emeritus faculty appointment procedures that were presented to IFC by the Columbia campus were passed, and since they have the approval of President Russell, will soon be going to the Board. It was also reported that the IFC has the support of the UM Administration relative to some form of minimum level of support for all faculty within the University. Finally it should be noted, that as chair of the IFC, Pat will be attending all meetings of the General Officers of the University.

Discussion Item

Amendment 7. Faculty Council met with Marty Oetting, Coordinator of Governmental Affairs, University of Missouri Columbia. Marty presented information on Hancock II's impact on the State of Missouri and on the University of Missouri in particular. He reminded us that there will be several campaigns for and against Hancock II and that the addresses for submitting funds in support of either of these campaigns will be soon forthcoming in Mizzou Weekly. We may share these informational materials with our colleagues and with our staff; however, anything that is shared with students should be done only with the expenditure of our own funds, and a statement to this effect should be made on any items in a prominent place on the front page. We cannot provide or distribute advocacy pieces in any way. We can only provide information. Marty did let us know that his office is primarily working on providing information to the MU family (which includes faculty, staff, students, parents of students, and alumni). There was much discussion as to what else is being done in the state to get the information out to people in the rural areas of the state, and what impact it will also have on them in the areas of social services, prisons, highways, elementary and secondary education, economic development, natural resources, etc.

Standing Committee Reports

Academic Affairs (Mike Prewitt). The Academic Affairs Committee presented the wording for the previously approved change to Article 3, section 4 in the Faculty Handbook, pages 4 and 5:

"No student will be permitted to register in any school or college of the MU campus or in any course, other than problems, special reading to research, after the expiration of one week beginning with the first day of classes and regular session or the equivalent thereof in a shorter session. Departments may establish variations in this deadline; however, the deadlines must be published in the MU Schedule of Classes." This was approved by unanimous vote of Faculty Council.

There were no reports from the other standing committees.

Closed Session

Council made the following changes on Executive Committee: Gary Allee was approved as Observer to the Board of Curators (which has been vacated by John Miles); and, Glenn Pierce was elected to serve as Chair of Special Projects. The meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Robert Almony, Recorder