Meeting Minutes: May 13, 1993


Council Chair Hunvald called the meeting to order at 3:40 p.m. in room S110 of the Memorial Union. Members present included: John Bauer, Robert Birkenholz, Dale Blevins, Brooke Cameron, Irv Cockriel, Jay Dix, Jean Hamilton, Edward H. Hunvald, Brent Jones, Eugene Lane, John Miles, Kerby Miller, Loren A. Nikolai, Patricia Plummer, Mark Ryan, Dennis Sentilles, Don Sievert, Mary Ellen Sievert, Susan Taylor, Betty Winfield, Warren Zahler, Mabel Grimes (Black Faculty and Staff Organization), Dean Schmidt (Library), and Walter Schroeder was an alternate for Kit Salter. Absent were: Richard Hardy, Hildegarde Heymann, Richard Hoft, Steve Matthews, Michael Prewitt, Dana Weaver, Don York, and Ray Schroeder (Retirees).

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the April 1, 1993 Faculty Council meeting were approved.

Report of Officers

Chairman Hunvald reported that the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Curators met prior to the last Board of Curators meeting. They were given a report from the Advisement Task Force.

They also discussed the General Education requirements of the four campuses. The Committee on Undergraduate Education has been and will continue to be a very important committee as it will be dealing with the general education requirements for all undergraduates and will be responsible for the implementation of the general education architecture. One issue that needs to be resolved is the foreign or cultural requirements. The Executive Committee of the Faculty Council view the Committee on Undergraduate Education as primarily an operational committee and not a policy making committee and one that reports to the Provost. Thus, there is a question of procedure with regard to educational policy. Questions of academic policy need to be referred to Faculty Council.

The third issue discussed at that meeting was attraction and retention of minority faculty and students.

Professor Taylor reported that the Medical Insurance Committee will be meeting May 26-27, 1993. The committee would welcome any comments from Council members prior to that meeting.

Action Items

Service Award plaques were awarded to: Professors Jay Dix, Brooke Cameron, Mark Ryan, Richard Hoft, Steve Matthews, Irv Cockriel, Ed Hunvald, and Susan Taylor, for completion of a three year term(s). In addition, Professor Taylor was given special recognition as she has served on the Executive Committee all six years of her two terms.

Discussion Items

Proposed Change in Council's "Rules of Order". Professor Nikolai, Chair of Special Projects Committee, gave a report on the committee's charge to review the "Rules of Order" of the Faculty Council and recommend appropriate changes (Appendix I). Parts 3B and 5A propose changes in the language. There was a motion to suspend the rules to deal with these changes. This motion was seconded and passed by a voice vote. Professor Nikolai moved that Faculty Council adopt the proposed changes in 3B and 5A. After a short discussion the motion passed by a voice vote.

Further discussion occurred on items 3D, 3H, 5B, and 6B

Annual Report of the Committee on Committees. In the meeting packet there is a copy of the Annual Report of the 1992-93 Committee on Committees. The Chairman of the Committee on Committees met with the Executive Committee earlier. One problem with the report is its due date is at the end of the semester after new committees for the coming year have already been appointed. The Executive Committee recommended that the Committee on Committees submit their recommendations earlier in the year. Chairman Hunvald hopes to keep their recommendation on the Faculty Council's agenda. Chairman Hunvald feels the recommendation to add the Director of Libraries to the Library Committee as an ex-officio member is a good one and is noncontroversial. Chairman Hunvald hopes to put that on Faculty Council's next meeting agenda.

Board of Curators Report

This report has been distributed via e-mail.

IFC Report

The IFC will be meeting on May 17, 1993.

Standing Committee Reports

Academic Affairs (Steve Matthews)

In Professor Matthews absence, Professor Plummer gave the report. In the meeting packet there is a report on: (1) Policy on Student Absences, (2) Policy Regarding Independent Study Courses (Correspondence Courses) and University Extension Courses, and (3) Policy on Add-Drops, Assignment of grades...withdrawal from a course(s), and Withdrawal.

Since Faculty Council would like the proposed changes to be implemented by Fall semester a motion was made to suspend the rules to deal with proposed policy on student absences. This motion was seconded and passed by a voice vote. After a short discussion the following motion passed by a voice vote.

"Students may be dropped from a course due to excessive absences. Whether a student should be dropped from a course due to a number of absences remains the prerogative of the instructor. The instructor's policy on absences shall be provided to students at the beginning of the course.

It is the student's responsibility to notify the instructor responsible for the course of anticipated absences from class, laboratories or examinations at the earliest opportunity after the start of the course. The instructor can then make a determination with this information on how the absences can be rectified or whether it is possible to satisfactorily complete the course with the number of identified absences." (Underlined text represents change in present policy.)

Professor Plummer presented the report on the Policy Regarding Independent Study Courses (Correspondence Courses) and University Extension Courses. After much discussion it was decided to send it back to the Academic Affairs Committee for further study and revision.

Professor Plummer also presented the report on the Policy on Add-Drops, Assignment of grades...withdrawal from a courses(s), and Withdrawal. After much discussion it was decided to send it back to the Academic Affairs Committee for further study and revision.

Faculty Affairs (John Bauer)

No report.

Fiscal Affairs (John Miles)

The committee has met and will be presenting a resolution to Faculty Council on Faculty Salary Budget Allocations.

Special Projects (Loren Nikolai)

No report.

Student Affairs (Bob Birkenholz)

No report.

Closed Session for Committee Assignments, Personnel Matters, & Adjournment

Professor Hunvald was elected Chair of Faculty Council and Professor Plummer was elected Vice Chair of Faculty Council for the academic year 1993-94.

The following individuals were elected to the Committee on Undergraduate Education: Warren Zahler (Agriculture and Food and Natural Resources), Larry Kantner (Arts & Science), Howard Hinkel (Arts & Science), Robert Levine (Engineering), Lillian Dunlap (Journalism), and Erik Fritzell (School of Natural Resources) named chair of the committee.

The meeting adjourned at 5:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Brent D. Jones, Recorder