Meeting Minutes: October 3, 2013


Members Present: Andre Ariew, Jim Baumann, A. Cooper Drury, Tim Evans, Alan Whittington (for Francisco Gomez), Richard Guyette, Jung Ha-Brookshire, Karen Hebert, Dan Hooley, Kattesh Katti, John Lory, Sudarshan Loyalka, Judith Mabary, Camila Manrique, Tom Marrero, Dennis Miller, Nicole Monnier, Stephen Montgomery-Smith, Karen Piper, Katherine Reed, Craig Roberts, Angela Speck, Vitor Trindade, Harry Tyrer, Douglas Wakefield, William Wiebold, Don Sievert (MURA), Mark Prelas (AAUP) and Rebekah Hart (sec.). Members Absent: Lisa Flores, Charles Franz, Raja Gopaldas, Berkley Hudson, Rebecca Johnson, Ilhyung Lee, Tony Lupo, Rachel Brekhus (Librarians), and Charles Nilon (Black Faculty and Staff).

Approval of Minutes

Chair Craig Roberts called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. in S203 Memorial Union. A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes of the August 22, 2013 meeting. Minutes were approved without discussion.

Discussion Items

Supplemental Student Fee Proposal – Loyalka.  Loyalka presented a motion on behalf of Fiscal Affairs to request that student supplemental fees be allowed in the College of Arts and Sciences.  The following questions were asked about this motion:  (1) would the curators regard these fees as an increase in tuition; (2) why do other schools/colleges need them; (3) should members of Council wait for members of Arts and Sciences to make a formal request first; (4) should Council affirm that all colleges should be able to raise supplemental fees; and, (5) what was the process by which this item came to Faculty Council.  The Arts and Sciences members of Council agreed that this motion is appropriate to be heard by the Faculty Council.  Further, it was suggested that more background information be included with this resolution, and it will return to our next meeting.


MU Chancellor Search – Wiebold.  Wiebold commented on the MU Chancellor Search that there were candidates however he couldn’t say anything else. 


Mizzou North/Space Committees – Monnier.  Monnier reported that the Campus Space Advisory Committee chair has not responded to any of her emails.  It was suggested that the charge of Campus Planning Committee (a campus standing committee) be expanded to include the Mizzou North situation.  Wakefield suggested that we need to improve communication between faculty and administration as this issue went beyond space.  Evans suggested that we should get specific on how we define the role of faculty on space issues.


Provost Search Resolution – Miller.  Miller will write a resolution from the Faculty Council declaring that the Provost search be open.  Katti and Monnier said that the CRR’s were unclear about any authority the faculty may have with respect to hiring administrators.  Marrero suggested that the “hiring process” be renamed “selection process” in order to make it clear what the role of the faculty is.

Standing Committee Reports

Intercampus Faculty Council (IFC):  Miller, Council’s IFC representative, reported that IFC is considering faculty workload and whether there are changes needed in the CRR’s to account for changes on work load from the traditional 40/40/20 applied to tenured/tenure-track faculty.  From MU’s point of view, we need to consider preserving our AAU status.  There was some discussion of a 40/40/30 model of research/teaching/service however since non-tenure track faculty aren’t on this model and many other faculty aren’t either, how do you modify it.  If we are going to include IP and entrepreneurship then we should also include outreach and other practices like patents and writing textbooks.  Rodriguez spoke on the Affordable Care Act which will impact both part time employees and graduate students.


Academic Affairs Committee:  Monnier, chair, reported they will be meeting with Jim Spain.


Faculty Affairs Committee:  Katti, chair, reported that a report on AAU will be coming out soon.


Fiscal Affairs Committee:  Loyalka, chair, reported they have been working on a resolution for supplemental fees and the strategic plan.


Diversity Enhancement:  Johnson, chair, reported they are obtaining data from entry and exit questionnaires to quantify cultural competence gains.

Any Other Business

Loyalka brought up Suppes’ motion from the general faculty meeting, and said it needs to be put in a committee.  A suggestion was made that it should be put into the NSEI investigation committee.  Another member of Council said Suppes’ motion is independent because it concerns violations of shared governance in the College of Engineering.


Graduate Faculty Senate (GFS) needs to explain why they didn’t post the minutes of the meeting where they made decisions concerning the curriculum of NEP.  This meant that a petition could not challenge their decisions.  However their ruling has already been passed onto the CBHE, and University Hall have received a properly signed document from GFS stating that proper process was followed.


Council met in executive session in order to approve committee nominations.  The meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Angela Speck