Meeting Minutes: April 3, 2014


Members present: Andre Ariew, A. Cooper Drury, Lisa Flores, Charles Franz, Jung Ha-Brookshire, Dan Hooley, Berkley Hudson, John Lory, Sudarshan Loyalka, Judith Mabary, Tom Marrero, Dennis Miller, Nicole Monnier, Stephen Montgomery-Smith, Craig Roberts, Angela Speck, Vitor Trindade, Douglas Wakefield, William Wiebold, Rachel Brekhus (Librarians), Mark Prelas (AAUP) and Rebekah Hart (Secretary). Members absent: Jim Bauman, Tim Evans, Francisco Gomez, Raja Gopaldas, Richard Guyette, Karen Hebert, Rebecca Johnson, Kattesh Katti, Ilhyung Lee, Tony Lupo, Camila Manrique, Karen Piper, Katherine Reed, Harry Tyrer, Don Sievert (MURA), and Charles Nilon (Black Faculty and Staff).

Approval of Minutes

In Chair Craig Roberts’s absence, Nicole Monnier called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. in S203 Memorial Union. The Spring Semester General Faculty meeting was announced for April 23 beginning at 3:30 p.m. in Jesse Wrench Auditorium. There were no minutes to approve and no officers’ reports

Report of Officers

Interim Provost Ken Dean reported on the mid-year raise process he used to determine awards. 2.2 million dollars was requested with 1.7 million dollars in available funds before benefits were added. Dean described how he made reductions to the requests to align with existing monies. 217 raises were approved (143 professors, 53 associate professors, 12 assistant professors, and 9 NTT faculty). Questions posed related to the sharing of information regarding distribution and the formula used for determining raises. Dean indicated that this was an off-season raise and that he tried to honor all requests. All raises were meant to be based on merit. In response to questions regarding 2 percent budget return from units, Dean reported that the funds will be used to help MU move up in the AAU indicators. Some disciplines will be better positioned to accomplish this than others. New hires must be people who will mesh with existing programs and cannot be used to shore up holes in weak departments.  The 2 percent unit totals for 2014 will also be the amounts to be returned in each of the subsequent four years of the plan. Regarding salaries, we are low compared to other AAU institutions.

Discussion Items

Guest(s):  Gary Ward, Director, Campus Facilities and Interim Vice Chancellor for Operations and Chief Operating Officer.  Ward provided and discussed an informative handout with the heading “Facilities Stewardship / Shared Governance Structure” that detailed the charges and description of membership of three committees: Capital Review, Campus Facilities Planning, and Campus Space Utilization. The hope is that this new structure will improve the approval process for capital projects and utilization of space. Implementation should begin in the fall semester 2014. Ward indicated that part of the goal of these changes would be to keep affected members informed. Jesse Hall has been moved up on the list for attention because of safety issues. Certain student-centric occupants have been moved to corresponding student-centric locations, such as Ellis Library.


Library Progress Report – Hooley.  Hooley presented a report of the Ad Hoc Committee formed to investigate the mold infestation of library materials kept at an offsite location near I-70. The committee met with Library Director Jim Cogswell and Assistant Director Ann Riley on March 14.  The estimated remediation cost will be 2 dollars per volume. Of the total books kept at the facility, 400,000 are in need of remediation. Library leadership has applied for a grant to help defray expenses. All resources will be remediated or the information contained in them otherwise compensated for, so that no net information is lost. A list of books, series, journals, etc. will also be made available to faculty for recommendations on materials to be saved from those that are salvageable. The handout provided also included projected calendar dates for completion of remediation and associated activities; a breakdown of number of volumes affected by Library of Congress categories; the library priorities for types of volumes to be remediated and the disposition of remaining materials; as well as the primary issues facing the library, including space to keep remediated and unremediated volumes along with a list of actions that led to this short-term crisis.


Election Committee Report – Loyalka.  Updates were provided on the provost search by Interim Provost Ken Dean. A search firm has been selected and members of the search committee have been chosen (Judy Wall will serve as chair and Rebecca Johnson, Bill Wiebold, and Harry Tyrer as Faculty Council representatives). Eight faculty and seven others constitute the committee. The goal is to select and interview candidates during the summer, with two to four candidates visiting in September and October and a selection in place by December or January. Hank Foley has been appointed as Senior Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies, combining these two areas. A search has commenced for Vice Chancellor for Marketing and Communications, a retitling of a position recently vacated.


MU Strategic Operating Plan (MUSOP) Committee Report – Miller.  Faculty have been involved, with three members on the MUSOP committee.


Compensation, Incentive, and Bonus Pay – Loyalka.  Rhonda Gibler provided by e-mail the Grants and Contract Incentive (GCI) information for FY11 paid in FY12. Totals were broken down by colleges. Incentives were given to 250 recipients for a total of 2,602,257 dollars and an average amount of 10,409 dollars, which varied significantly from college to college. A handout from the CRR (Sections 360.010 Extra Compensation and 360.150 Principles for the Establishment and Operation of Incentive Compensation Plans) and a copy of the Faculty Grant and Contract Inventive Plan for 7/1/2010 to 6/30/2015 were also distributed. 2.5 million dollars was allocated for GCI but was never extensively reviewed. There is also uncertainty surrounding the awarding of funds to faculty fellows (Ken Dean noted that he didn’t approve any last year). The university has no process or provision for allowing bonuses; if there is a bonus paid, it must be incentive plan approved.

Standing Committee Reports

Academic Affairs Committee:   Monnier, chair, reported that calendar information will be presented at the next meeting.


Fiscal Affairs Committee:  Loyalka, chair. Please see Compensation, Incentive, and Bonus Pay above. 

Any Other Business

Andre Ariew (Philosophy) posed the question of whether MU’s support (cash contributions and tuition waivers) was negotiable, who negotiates, and whether we have input. Support is probably negotiable, although there already has been a reduction in cash from MU to athletics; scholarship monies increase from athletics also holds the potential for negotiation. NCAA requires that tuition waiver be a campus expense.


Concern was also expressed about reduced funding for Arts and Humanities and the role of these areas in the AAU emphasis. A discussion with Chancellor Loftin regarding this issue is needed. Perhaps AAU is not the problem, but rather the 2 percent reallocation. Wakefield noted that we need to look at the financial picture in a holistic manner and understand where we fit in these reallocations.


Council met in closed session for the election of 2014-15 Council Chair and Vice Chair.  The meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Judith Mabary, Recorder