Meeting Minutes: October 20, 2011


Members Present: Edward Adelstein, Andre Ariew, Steve Ball, Clyde Bentley, John Dwyer, Candace Galen, Francisco Gomez, Cheryl Heesch, Art Jago, Kattesh Katti, Jonathan Krieckhaus, Dennis Miller, Joe Parcell, Leona Rubin, Stephen Montgomery-Smith (for Johannes Schul), Vitor Trindade, Harry Tyrer, Douglas Wakefield, Shelley Worden (Librarians), Don Sievert (MURA), Nicole Monnier (NTT), Katherine Reed (NTT), and Rebekah Hart (sec.). Members Absent: Gordon Christensen, Ann Harrell, Rebecca Johnson, Norman Land, Ilhyung Lee, Sudarshan Loyalka, Craig Roberts, Stephen Sayers, Charles Nilon (Black Faculty and Staff), Richard Guyette (NTT), and Sam White (NTT).

Approval of Minutes

Chair Harry Tyrer called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. in S203 Memorial Union. The October 6, 2011 Council minutes were approved as submitted.

Report of Officers

Tyrer made the following announcements to Council: (1) the Fall General Faculty Meeting has been rescheduled to November 16; (2) Executive Committee will have a special meeting with Provost Foster on November 1; (3) the faculty nominations for Presidential awards is January 31, 2012; (4) the Board of Curators approved a new retirement plan for the university on this day; (5) Gwynn Hall has been approved for renovation; and, (6) a new degree program has been approved, Bachelor of Health Sciences.  Tyrer commented on diversity.  He feels Council should seek a broader point of view and ask faculty if there are other ways to enhance diversity other than through undergraduate curriculum changes.

Parcell reported on the recent Missouri Association of Faculty Senates meeting in Jefferson City.  Performance funding was a discussion item and it was mentioned that Governor Nixon is in favor of it.  The MAFS is drafting a letter in support of domestic partner benefits. 

Rubin reported on the e-Learning Task Force.   They have made progress and will soon be putting together a consensus statement.  They have decided that as a matter of policy, a course is a course no matter how it is taught, and the approval process should be the same as classroom style courses.  Rubin also briefly reported on recent changes to university benefits.  The Board just approved a new retirement plan for the university and there are changes to the medical insurance plan.  Rubin encouraged everyone to attend an information session on the medical plan to provide in-depth information on what the changes mean.

Discussion Items

Changes to the Rules of Order - Rubin.  There were some minor changes for Council’s consideration on keeping our Council meetings open even though we are not subject to the sunshine law.  After brief discussion Council voted to suspend the rules in order to vote on these changes at this meeting.  The rules were suspended and Council voted in favor of these changes.

Changes to the Faculty Handbook - Monnier.  This item will return as a discussion item at the next meeting.

Standing Committee Reports

Academic Affairs Committee:  Monnier, chair, they are continuing to review the Faculty Handbook for corrections.

Faculty Affairs Committee: Bentley, chair, reported the committee is continuing to work on a review of the current promotion and tenure processes.

Fiscal Affairs Committee: Katti, chair, reported they are working on intellectual property issues.

Diversity Enhancement: Galen, chair, reported they are working on a faculty survey on diversity.

Any Other Business

Rubin reminded Council that the deadline for the Presidential faculty awards is January 31st.


Council met in executive session in order to make committee nominations.  The meeting adjourned at 5:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Shelley Worden,  Recorder