Meeting Minutes: November 19, 2009


Members Present: Clyde Bentley, John Dwyer, Arthur Jago,Victoria Johnson, Jonathan Krieckhaus, Norman Land, Edward Hunvald (for John Lande), Thomas Marrero, Rebecca McCathren, Xiaoguang Ni, Joseph Parcell, Leona Rubin, Johannes Schul, James Tarr, Harry Tyrer, J. Wilson Watt, Bill Wiebold, Ann Riley (for Shelley Worden), Edward Hunvald (Retirees), Sam White (NTT), Stephen Montgomery-Smith (AAUP), Rebekah K. Hart (sec.). Members Absent: Leah Cohn, Michael Diamond, Ann Harrell, Rebecca Johnson, April Langley, Alan Luger, Kenneth MacLeod, Stephen Sayers, Michael Taksar, Douglas Wakefield, Adam Whaley-Connell, Ronald Wheeland, Fred Williams (NTT), Charles Nilon (Black Faculty & Staff).

Approval of Minutes

Chair Leona Rubin called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m., in S203 Memorial Union. The 11-5-09 Faculty Council minutes were approved as submitted. The agenda order was suspended in order to take our guests first.

Report of Officers

Rubin announced that in early 2010 a search will begin for a new Faculty Athletic Representative.  The Faculty Athletic Representative sits on the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee and has a variety of charges in relation to being in liaison with the NCAA.  The chair will shortly be copying Council members via email a statement concerning the various USA Today articles that have been electronically circulating the campus and system offices.  Deputy Provost Ken Dean plans to address Council soon with data about the hiring freeze and how it has been applied.  The 2010 representation report for Council is completed and it shows there is no change in the number of seats for next year.  This will be a discussion item at out next meeting in January.  The MU Strategic Plan, a report from SPRAC, is in its final completion. One aspect of the report is to call for a review of promotion and tenure so that interdisciplinary work is more valued.  She reminded Council that President Forsee will hold a Town Hall meeting on December 9 at 10:30 a.m. in Monsanto Auditorium.  The Faculty Council Christmas Party will be December 4 at 4:30 p.m. at the restaurant Blue.  Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services, Jackie Jones will be Council's guest in January.  She will speak on cost savings and going green on the Columbia campus.

The Intercampus Faculty Council (IFC) met yesterday using TelePresence.  President Forsee spoke to the group from the Kansas City campus about the dire budget related news coming from the governor's office.  In other news:  the St. Louis campus passed a resolution supporting domestic partner benefits; the Kansas City campus reports high success rates with the newly adopted faculty grievance process currently in pilot from Columbia campus; there is a system committee currently working on ownership of student developed inventions; and in the government relations report an item of high economic importance, the Access Missouri Program, gives too much aid to private education institutions at the expense of public and they feel this needs to change.

Action Items

Non-tenure track/campus standing committees - Tarr.  After a brief discussion a vote was called and Council voted revisions to the Rules of Order that will allow ranked non-tenure track faculty to serve on the campus and faculty standing committees.

Discussion Items

Guest: Joseph Scogin, Assistant Director of Athletics - Academic Services.  Scogin in his presentation to Council explained in detail how academic success of athletes is tracked.  The NCAA has a score called APR (athletic progress rate) which tracks how students in athletics are progressing with their degrees.  MU has consistently scored very high in comparison to other schools across the nation.  Scogin credited this as due to not only good leadership in the athletics department but also to the tremendous support they receive from the MU faculty.

Changes to MU in the Evening - Watt.  Watt reported to Council the results of his chairship of the MU in the Evening committee.  The motion to be voted on at the next meeting is to recommend that this program be closed as a degree granting program, although the BGS degree will continue to be offered through MU.  It seems that the need for the stand alone evening program has passed, in particular as it has been replaced in some cases by other degree delivery methods.  Also, MU would like to expand other degree programs into evening slots.

Standing Committee Reports

Academic Affairs: Parcell, chair, reported they have heard from a student group on changes to the grading system, allowing students in the military to receive classroom credit for their military experience, and that new classroom conduct standards will soon be recommended and that some of this has to do with electronic devices.

Fiscal Affairs: Krieckhaus gave the report in Taksar's absence, there may soon be some changes to the way indirect costs are determined.


Council met for a  closed session in order to make committee nominations.  The meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Steven Montgomery-Smith, Acting Recorder