Meeting Minutes: June 17, 2010


Members Present: Clyde Bentley, Leah Cohn, John Dwyer, Art Jago, Victoria Johnson, Edward Hunvald for John Lande, Kenneth MacLeod, Joseph Parcell, Leona Rubin, Stephen Sayers, Johannes Schul, James Tarr, Douglas Wakefield, J. Wilson Watt, Bill Wiebold, Shelley Worden (Librarians), Edward Hunvald (MURA), Stephen Montgomery-Smith (AAUP), Sam White (NTT) Rebekah K. Hart (sec.). Members Absent: Michael Diamond, Ann Harrell, Rebecca Johnson,, Kattesh Katti, Jonathan Krieckhaus, Norman Land, April Langley, Tom Marrero, Rebecca McCathren, Xiaoguang Ni, , Michael Taksar, Harry Tyrer, Adam Whaley-Connell, Ronald Wheeland, Charles Nilon (Black Faculty & Staff), Nicole Monnier (NTT).

Approval of Minutes

Chair Leona Rubin called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m., in S203 Memorial Union. The 4-29--10 general faculty meeting minutes and the 5-6-10 Faculty Council minutes were approved as submitted.

Report of Officers

Rubin reported that a Faculty Council Workshop is being planned at the beginning of September for the 2010-2011 members.  There will be another Faculty Network meeting next Thursday, June 24 at the Reynolds Alumni Center Bistro and that all faculty are encouraged to attend this function.  Faculty Council will soon be receiving copies of the Knight Report a report on athletics and academics, by email.

Rubin reported on the June Board of Curators meeting, Columbia campus: (1) the budget for next fiscal year was approved; (2) PeopleSoft will be updated in 2011; (3) after an external audit, HR will be asked to reduce paperwork; (4) they created administrative leave for staff, and staff will now have mandatory annual performance reviews; (5) they approved a change in death benefits where the spouse will always be the beneficiary; and, (6) wordage in the CRR's changed the word "fee" to "tuition".  In President Forsee's presentation he reported to the Board that he is looking into ways for students to complete degrees faster, in three years instead of four.  The new interim commissioner for the Coordinating Board of Higher Education is David Russell.  In Chancellor Deaton's presentation he reported Stephen Wyatt is the University's liaison with IBM for the installation of their new data storage facility in Columbia.

Action Items

Students with Excessive Absences - Sayers.  After a short discussion concerning student absences that occur at the beginning of the semester, Council approved the changes and this will be forwarded to the Registrar.

  1. "Students are expected to attend all scheduled class sessions. A student who does not complete assigned academic work because of absence from class is responsible for making up that work in accordance with instructions provided by the faculty member consistent with any policy established by the faculty of the respective department or division. Divisional or departmental faculty, the course director, or the instructor may establish attendance standards and will determine whether a student will be permitted to make up work missed as a result of absence(s). There will be no "Dean's Excuse" or "Official Absence." However, a student, who is also a member of a national guard, Federal Emergency Management Agency or military reserve unit and is called to active duty while the University is in session, will be permitted to make up work missed as a result of such absences for up to two weeks of absences, provided that to do so does not require the instructor to engage in individualized tutorial work with the student. Recognizing that some students have contractual obligations to the University, while others are participating in intercollegiate events at the behest of their departments, faculty members are encouraged to make accommodations for absences incurred because of these responsibilities. In enforcing the course absence policy, it is recommended that faculty give due consideration to the important role that extracurricular activities play in the development of students, as well as to the benefits they provide to both our university and community.

    Students must notify instructors of any scheduled absences within the first two weeks of the semester. In the case of later qualifying events, the instructor must be informed two weeks prior to those events. Instructors are encouraged to advise students of the course absence policy at the beginning of the semester.
  2. Faculty members who schedule co-curricular activities conflicting with a student's other scheduled class sessions will be responsible for giving students as much advance notice as possible. The student will be expected to inform his or her other instructors of any conflicting co-curricular activities and arrange for whatever makeup work, including examinations, may be required. If a satisfactory arrangement cannot be made, the student may appeal to the Dean of the school or college for the course in which he or she is enrolled. "

Discussion Items

Incomplete Grade - Parcell.  This is a rules change that allow for the "I" grade to be changed electronically.  This was informational and no vote was required.

Standing Committee Reports

Academic Affairs:   Parcell, chair, reported he will meet with Jim Spain in early July concerning changes made to finals week and completion of degree programs.


In closed session Council approved the 2010-2011 Campus and Faculty standing committee nominations and the nomination of J. Wilson Watt to the Family Friendly Task Force.  The meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Shelley Worden,  Recorder