Meeting Minutes: September 13, 2007


Present: Doug Abrams, Edward Adelstein, Joanne Banks-Wallace, Judy Bolch, Philip Johnson (for Leah Cohn), Michael Devaney, Jay Dow, Jack Jones (for Clark Gantzer), Bryan Garton, Arthur Jago, Brick Johnstone, Carol Lazzaro-Weis, Alan Luger, Kenneth MacLeod, Rebecca McCathren, Steve Neal, Joe Parcell, Tom Phillips, Leona Rubin, Frank Schmidt, Michael Taksar, Wilson Watt, J.T. English (for Bill Wiebold), Adrienne Hoard (Black Faculty and Staff), Geoffrey Swindells (Library), Bill Fisch (for Edward Hunvald, Retirees), Lori McKinley (NTT), and Rebekah K. Hart (sec.). Absent: Charles Borduin, Michael Diamond, Norman Land, Anand Prahlad, James Tarr, Bennett Greenspan (AAUP), Vern Pierce (NTT), and Fred Williams (NTT).

Approval of Minutes

Chair Frank Schmidt called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m., in room S203 Memorial Union.

The 8/23/07 Council meeting minutes were approved as submitted. [Schmidt announced that the order of the meeting changed to accommodate Council's guests first, then the remaining meeting would follow.]

Report of Officers

Schmidt announced two events, Faculty Council hosted Board of Curators Breakfast on Friday, October 5, and the Fall Semester General Faculty Meeting on Thursday, October 25. He encouraged each member of Council to attend these events and will be forwarding information as it becomes available. Schmidt announced his plans for presenting at the Board Breakfast are to ask faculty with their students to present a short synopsis of their work.

Wilson Watt, Intercampus Faculty Council (IFC) representative, reported to Council on the annual IFC Retreat. He said there was a lively discussion regarding the name change with little or no support for this process by our colleagues in the other system universities. The IFC as a committee supported and approved the statements made by Interim President Gordon Lamb regarding academic freedom. There was also discussion and questions concerning the proposed criminal background checks for all faculty and staff, the changes to our health insurance carrier and increased premiums, salary information, and campus security issues on the campus community notification of acts of violent misdemeanor.

Discussion Items

Chancellor's Diversity Initiative with guests: Roger L. Worthington, Interim Assistant to the Deputy Chancellor and Chief Diversity Officer; Noor Azizan-Gardner, Director, Diversity Programming and Professional Development; Noel English, Director, MU Equity Office; and, Rebecca Calvin, Marketing Specialist and Web Resources. Worthington addressed Council with a brief report of his office's activities. The Columbia campus has made a serious commitment to diversity and his office now has four professional staff and continues to grow. At this meeting he was accompanied by Noor Azizan-Gardner and after Worthington's introduction she spoke briefly on her current role. A primary goal of the diversity effort remains with women and African-American faculty. Our campus currently has approximately 28 percent female faculty and African-American faculty remaining at 3.3 percent. There were a couple of informative handouts made available to the group at this meeting, the Mizzou Diversity advertisement which appears in the "Chronicle of Higher Education" and The Chancellor's Diversity Initiative Annual Report April 2006 through August 2007.

October Breakfast for the Board
Schmidt announced to Council that the Board breakfast will be Friday, October 5, 2007 at 8:00 a.m. in N201-202 Mark Twain Ballroom Memorial Union. He urges members to attend this event. More information will follow.

2006-2007 Committee on Committees Report
Schmidt asked for review of the enclosed report in the meeting packet and that this item will return for action of acceptance at our next meeting on September 27.

Standing Committee Reports

Faculty Affairs: Rubin, chair, reported that she has met with Dr. Laurie Mintz regarding improvements in the grievance process and that Mintz will meet with Faculty Council at their next meeting.

Fiscal Affairs: Dow, chair, reported that he is planning a meeting with Tim Rooney and his committee in order to get a better understanding of the budget.

Diversity Enhancement: Lazarro-Weis, chair reported their meeting following Council in order to make plans for a workshop.

Student Affairs: Devaney, chair, reported that Ken Dean, Deputy Provost, informed us that we will need to have the campus post teaching evaluations on a web site for viewing. Instructor names both faculty and teaching assistants will be posted. This will create some administrative problems, especially since we will not know who the teaching assistants are until after the course starts.


The meeting went into a brief closed session for committee appointments. The meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.