Meeting Minutes: April 1, 2008 General Faculty Meeting

Call-to-Order and Attendance

The Spring Semester General Faculty Meeting was called to order at 3:30 p.m. by Chancellor Deaton in the Jesse Wrench Auditorium of the Memorial Union.  Approximately 150 faculty and administrators were in attendance.

Opening Remarks & Introductions - Chancellor Deaton

Deaton welcomed the attendees of this meeting.  He made some brief introductory remarks then turned the meeting over to the Dean's who were in attendance. Each Dean present announced their new faculty and those in attendance stood when their name was read. The Chancellor then turned the podium over to Professor Schmidt, Chair, MU Faculty Council for his reports.

Report from Faculty Council - Frank Schmidt

Schmidt gave a summary report of some of the issues in Council. There were two ballot issues this semester and both passed. One issue was changes to the faculty grievance process in order to make it more effective. Schmidt thanked Mintz, Rubin, Youngquist, Torres, and Goodman for their work and contributions on the grievance revisions. The other issue that passed was a rewrite of the faculty representation rules for the Faculty Council.

Pending items in Council are: questions for course evaluation, transfer admissions, textbook costs, and Missouri civil rights initiative.

Campus Update - Chancellor Brady J. Deaton

Deaton thanked Schmidt for his presentation.  He then asked for a moment of silence for recently deceased Charles Timberlake and Charles Fulhage.

Deaton then turned to the topic of "Compete Missouri". Compete Missouri is a three year process for this campus which began last year. The result hoped for by the end of the three years is that faculty salaries on this campus will have moved to the median of AAU public institutions listing. This year all vacant faculty positions will be held open as the second year observation of this plan. The campus is looking for an internal re-allocation of six million dollars.

In other campus news, 2008 marks the centennial of its membership as a land grant institution which began in 1908. Enrollment is up by 13.6 percent.

Deaton invited Ann Korschgen, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management, to the podium to make an update on campus enrollment.  Korschgen reported there is an expected drop in enrollment by year 2012, this is based on a drop in the population of college age students. As a result, a committee has been formed to develop strategies to address this expected decline. Since the year 2000, enrollment has steadily increased by twenty percent and ACT scores of 33 or more have become more common place.

Deaton then invited Marty Oetting, Director Governmental Relations, to the podium for a legislative update. Oetting reported that the most recent information shows a possible 4.2 percent proposed increase in funding revenue for this university.  He also reported on the "2008 preparing-to-care initiative" a 39 million dollar proposal directed to the state's sagging needs in the health care fields.

The last speaker was Jackie Jones, Vice Chancellor Administrative Services with an update on campus emergency plans.

Deaton asked for any questions. Victoria Johnson, Professor, Sociology ask questions about the process involved in Compete Missouri. Both the Chancellor and Provost responded with information on the planning process this past year and that next year would be the third and last year.

Other Business and Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 5:05 p.m.

Respectfully Recorded,
Eddie Adelstein, Acting Recorder for the Faculty