Meeting Minutes: December 7, 2006


Present: Douglas Abrams, JoAnne Banks-Wallace, Rex Campbell, Jay Dow, Clark Gantzer, Bryan Garton, William Lamberson, Norman Land, Carol Lazzaro-Weis, Rebecca McCathren, Tom Phillips, Jenice Prather-Kinsey, Frank Schmidt, Michael Taksar, Wilson Watt, Rebekah K. Hart (sec.), Geoffrey Swindells (Librarians), Dean Yarwood (Retirees), Vern Pierce (NTT), Greg Petroski (NTT), John Mollenkamp (NTT), and Lori McKinley (NTT). Absent: Edward Adelstein, Charles Borduin, Leah Cohn, Michael Devaney, Ron Harstad, Sudarshan Loyalka, Alan Luger, Kenneth MacLeod, Steven Neal, Anand Prahlad, Leona Rubin, Laura Schopp, Jim Sterling, James Tarr, Lisa Zanetti, Adrienne Hoard (Black Faculty & Staff), and Dean Yarwood (Retirees).

Approval of Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Chair Campbell at 3:30 p.m., in room S203 Memorial Union. Campbell introduced the newly elected non-tenure track (NTT) representatives: John R. Mollenkamp, adjunct Professor of Law for the category teaching NTT, and Vern L. Pierce, Extension Associate Professor of Social Sciences for the category Extension NTT. The minutes of the October 19, 2006 Faculty Council meeting were approved.

Report of Officers

Campbell reported that the Faculty Council party will take place on the second floor of The Conley House from 3-6 p.m. on December 8, 2006. The Executive Committee met with John C. Spencer, Director of Assessment, last week about the Columbia campus five year Departmental Assessment. Discussion of the guidelines indicated that they are to be forward rather than backward looking in reporting. Their goal is to help departments improve. Phillips mentioned that the Provost Office has not made available the assessment documents. Campbell will meet with the Provost on Monday and request this information. Campbell reported that the search is starting for the Provost for Undergraduate Studies. Recommendations for this position should be forwarded to the Provost Office. Campbell reported on a question raised about expenses for student athletes volunteer helpers (football). A student had to drive to Albuquerque, New Mexico and back at his own expense over a period of a few days, requiring him to miss class. This is probably an undue hardship and should be reviewed.

Schmidt, representative to the Intercampus Faculty Council (IFC) presented a report from the meeting on November 16. IFC will meet again on Friday, December 8. Subcommittees are working on assessment/accountability, personnel and leave policies and administrative policies. Schmidt reported on e-procurement, a new software (SciQuest) that promises to make grant life easier. Basically it is an online catalogue, preferred provider, "one-stop shopping," and is projected to save 4.5-9 million dollars. Demonstrations of this software will begin in January 2007, with a pilot use to start in September 2007. He reported that the Spelling Report will be discussed at the December Board of Curator's meeting by the Academic Affairs committee. Also at this meeting there is expected to be discussion on a proposed 12 percent increase in appropriations for MU. Other topics are enrollment management and concern with excess faculty capacity. The curators are concerned that MU will hit a student numbers trough in several years and thus produce excess faculty capacity. Schmidt reported that performance reviews for campuses will set goals for enrollment of underserved students, enrollment of transfer students, retention, student satisfaction, licensing and teacher certification and institutionally unique programs (each campus gets one). MU was penalized by last audit for missing: cash management documents, subcontract audits, federal property listings, and Effort Verification. Better reporting will become a greater emphasis. The university comptroller will examine post-award documents and oversee an auditing committee.

Action Items

Representatives for NTT - Adelstein. The non-tenured faculty make substantial contributions to MU. At present the NTT faculties have no representation at the campus level in matters of governance or any academic issues. At a recent meeting chaired by Campbell and assisted by Watt 70 NTT faculty members met and they were divided into four groups: clinical, extension, teaching, and research. Each group elected one person to represent them. Those elected are: Fred Williams (clinical), Vern L. Pierce (extension), John R. Mollenkamp (teaching), and Gregory Petroski (research).

Adelstein recommended adding an amendment to section D.7. of our Rules of Order statement which would say the NTT faculty will elect four non-voting members to Faculty Council. These members will be non-voting however can participate in other committee activity and subcommittee work.

Faculty Affairs recommends that four NTT faculty be appointed as ex-officio members of the MU Faculty Council. The initial terms will be for the current academic year. There should be one representative from each of the our types of NTT faculty. These four types should be listed in the Rules of Order under ex-officio members. The Faculty Council held a meeting on Tuesday, November 28, 2006 at 3:30 p.m., in rooms 222-223 Memorial Union. All full-time faculty members with any NTT title were invited (about 70 people attended). At the meeting the attendees divided themselves into four groups and elected one person to serve as their representative. Adelstein, Chair Faculty Affairs committee reported the people elected were: Fred Williams (clinical), Vern Pierce (extension), John Mollenkamp (teaching), and Greg Petroski (research).

Lamberson mentioned that the term ex-officio is not appropriate, but should be listed as non-voting member. Adelstein accepted this recommendation. Garton, Council's parliamentarian, recommended that the amendments should be to Section C. Adelstein accepted this recommendation.

"Faculty Affairs recommend adding (as amended) section C to section 7:

Section C.

  1. The MU non-tenure track faculty will elect four representatives, one each from clinical, extension, research, and teaching facilities.
  2. The non-tenure track faculty representatives will attend meetings of the Faculty Council. Such representatives will be non-voting, but with that exception, can engage in other Faculty Council activities including service on Faculty Council Standing committees."

The motion passed without opposition.

Discussion Items

Core Learning Objectives - Lamberson. The Core Learning Objectives were developed by the Committee on Undergraduate Education (CUE). The objectives deal with research, communication and societal responsibility. Schmidt is confused by goal 1 (research) and feels that the goal is what we expect of a Ph.D. and not a bachelors degree. He suggests that the document be vetted through the Graduate Faculty Senate before we vote on it. Schmidt moved to table the proposal and refer it back to CUE through Academic Affairs to better address issues of: (1) Research competence, (2) some of the items listed are not measurable. Motion to table the proposal and refer it back to CUE made and seconded. Motion to table passed with opposition. The general feeling was the document was too vague and broad. It was decided to invite John Spencer (the author) to come to a Council meeting to discuss concerns about the document.

NR Grades for Graduating Seniors - Lamberson. Lamberson reported on NR Grade Policy Non-recorded grade policy. He included the following proposed policy:

"Proposed policy for NR grades, newly added material is italicized. If approved before the beginning of Winter Semester 2007, I suggest that it go into effect for grades assigned that semester.

Unassigned grades for undergraduate students: As amended May 19, 2005; effective Fall Semester 2005. In situations when there is a failure to record a grade on the official grade sheet, the Registrar will record a NR (not reported) and send a written notification of this action to the faculty member and relevant department chair. The faculty member is responsible for submitting a corrected entry. After 12 months NR will change to an F. Any student planning to graduate with an unresolved "NR" grade should be aware that translation to an "F" could drop the GPA below the requirements for graduation. As with any academic deficiency, the low GPA would delay the student's graduation until all requirements for graduation are met."

A motion was made to suspend the rules so as to vote on the proposal. The motion to suspend the rules passed. The policy was considered, and passed unanimously. Campbell will send the new policy directly to the Provost Office.

Any Other Business

Banks-Wallace requested information on Executive Guidelines for change in titles of NTT faculty. The Deputy Provost Dean mentioned he sent the NTT guidelines to Deans for their information. The appointment letters need to be included to help determine the correct title.

Lamberson reported about the upcoming interviews of the director of the Campus Writing Program interviews to be held January and February 2007, and urged members participate.

Lamberson requested information on the status of the "Best Practice Guidelines" on Departmental College By-laws. Faculty Council had passed this item, but the files are not yet on the Provost web site. Adelstein will head an ad hoc committee to contact departments and ask for this information.


The meeting went into a brief closed session. The meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m.