Meeting Minutes: January 18, 2007


Present: Douglas Abrams, Edward Adelstein, Rex Campbell, Leah Cohn, Michael Devaney, Jay Dow, Clark Gantzer, Bryan Garton, William Lamberson, Norman Land, Sudarshan Loyalka, Kenneth MacLeod, Rebecca McCathren, Steven Neal, Tom Phillips, Jenice Prather-Kinsey, Leona Rubin, Laura Schopp, James Tarr, Rebekah K. Hart (sec.), Dean Yarwood (Retirees), Greg Petroski (NTT), John Mollenkamp (NTT). Absent: Joanne Banks-Wallace, Charles Borduin, Ron Harstad, Carol Lazzaro-Weis, Alan Luger, Anand Prahlad, Frank Schmidt, Jim Sterling, Michael Taksar, J. Wilson Watt, Lisa Zanetti, Adrienne Hoard (Black Faculty & Staff), Geoffrey Swindells (Library), Bennett Greenspan (AAUP), Fred Williams (NTT), and Vern Pierce (NTT).

Approval of Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Chair Campbell at 3:30 p.m., in room S203 Memorial Union. The minutes of the October 26, 2006 General Faculty meeting and the November 2, 2006 Faculty Council meeting were approved.

Report of Officers

Campbell reported on a meeting of the curriculum committee for the Bachelors of Professional Studies (BPS). The proposed BPS will require a student to choose three areas of 15 credits each plus general education and electives. Currently the areas of health, business, journalism, and social policies are being developed. Campbell has requested the process of BPS development be open. The committee will meet again in mid-February. Questions were asked about a potential home for the BPS program, and unusual nature of its formation within the Provost office rather than within the academic units. It is currently not envisioned that the BPS will be anchored in any college.

On January 18, the IFC will meet with Curator Walsworth. With respect to the grievance procedure a question has developed with respect to a grievance with the hospital (which reports to the system). It is not clear if a grievance should be administered at the system or campus level.

Board of Curators (BOC) Observer Schopp reported that Curator Don Walsworth is the new Chair and Cheryl D.S. Walker is the new Vice Chair. In February, the BOC will have a report on faculty salaries compared with peer institutions. The BOC will consider how to remedy shortfalls. Chancellor Deaton would like to increase faculty salaries to be more competitive with AAU. This would cost 15 million dollars for ranked faculty and 30 million dollars for non-ranked faculty. Curators have requested student presentations at their meetings. A conflict of interest policy is being finalized. One issue, the Wellness (Schopp) program will be expanded to other campuses. There was discussion of MOHELA funds. There was a brief overview report of our international efforts. It was reported that a proposal is being considered to change the name of Rolla to "Missouri Tech." There was considerable discussion to investment allocation. There is a policy being developed on amorous relationships within the university.

Action Items

Representatives for NTT - Adelstein. The non-tenured faculty make substantial contributions to MU. At present the NTT faculties have no representation at the campus level in matters of governance or any academic issues. At a recent meeting chaired by Campbell and assisted by Watt 70 NTT faculty members met and they were divided into four groups: clinical, extension, teaching, and research. Each group elected one person to represent them. Those elected are: Fred Williams (clinical), Vern L. Pierce (extension), John R. Mollenkamp (teaching), and Gregory Petroski (research).

Adelstein recommended adding an amendment to section D.7. of our Rules of Order statement which would say the NTT faculty will elect four non-voting members to Faculty Council. These members will be non-voting however can participate in other committee activity and subcommittee work.

Faculty Affairs recommends that four NTT faculty be appointed as ex-officio members of the MU Faculty Council. The initial terms will be for the current academic year. There should be one representative from each of the our types of NTT faculty. These four types should be listed in the Rules of Order under ex-officio members. The Faculty Council held a meeting on Tuesday, November 28, 2006 at 3:30 p.m., in rooms 222-223 Memorial Union. All full-time faculty members with any NTT title were invited (about 70 people attended). At the meeting the attendees divided themselves into four groups and elected one person to serve as their representative. Adelstein, Chair Faculty Affairs committee reported the people elected were: Fred Williams (clinical), Vern Pierce (extension), John Mollenkamp (teaching), and Greg Petroski (research).

Lamberson mentioned that the term ex-officio is not appropriate, but should be listed as non-voting member. Adelstein accepted this recommendation. Garton, Council's parliamentarian, recommended that the amendments should be to Section C. Adelstein accepted this recommendation.

"Faculty Affairs recommend adding (as amended) section C to section 7:

Section C.

  1. The MU non-tenure track faculty will elect four representatives, one each from clinical, extension, research, and teaching facilities.
  2. The non-tenure track faculty representatives will attend meetings of the Faculty Council. Such representatives will be non-voting, but with that exception, can engage in other Faculty Council activities including service on Faculty Council Standing committees."

The motion passed without opposition.

Discussion Items

MU Faculty Council Resolution Regarding the Flexible Spending Account Program - Phillips. Phillips, chair, Fiscal Affairs Committee reported on the U.S. Federal Flexible Spending Program at MU. The federal government has modified the program to allow continued spending 2.5 months past the calendar year, however, MU has not elected to implement this modification. This is costing 15 percent of faculty and staff participating in the flex spending program, about 100 dollars a year (total loss 35,000 dollars a year). Devaney spoke in favor of the resolution. Schopp asked about other sister (Big 12) universities. This item will be carried over to the next meeting for an action item.

Revision to Faculty Bylaws - Adelstein. Adelstein, chair, Faculty Affairs Committee reported on a proposed revision to the faculty bylaws. The goal of this proposal would be to update the names of colleges and schools with representation that have changed over time, and to stay within the number of representatives the bylaws allow. The proposal changes the membership rules to keep within the 25 to 30 representatives prescribed by bylaws. Campbell has developed this initiative to address the problem that Faculty Council has been operating outside of the bylaws. There are two issues related to this proposal. First, a revision of faculty bylaws by defining a unit as all colleges and schools that are headed by a Dean who reports to the Provost shall be entitled to representation. Second, Campbell mentioned that if Faculty Council approves this item the item would still have to be brought before the faculty at a general faculty meeting and submitted for a vote for the general faculty. The impact of this vote has three potential impacts: (1) Currently the Truman School has recurring representation, (2) the Nuclear Sciences and Engineering Institute (NSEI) has representation on an annual basis, and (3) the School of Natural Resources, which
currently has representation, would lose its direct representation and would have representation transferred to the College of Agriculture Food and Natural Resources. Schopp requested detailed information about the specific impact this proposal would have. Lamberson spoke in favor of the resolution because he felt it would eliminate the problem of future unit name changes requiring Faculty Council to again revise the bylaws. Another aspect is to change the ratio from 50 to 53. Phillips mentioned that whatever course of action we take in all likelihood Faculty Council would be in violation of the bylaws again next year. This revision was referred back to the Executive Committee for additional study.

Representation Report - Adelstein. This item will be taken up at our next Faculty Council meeting.

Standing Committee Reports

Academic Affairs: Lamberson, chair, noted the committee has dealt with four items this year. (1) the grade policy for unofficial withdrawal date (2) the 2008-2009 academic calendar (3) the modification of the NR grade policy, and (4) presented a discussion item dealing with core learning objectives. Current work will address core-learning objectives, an item from the Registrar's Office dealing with the calendar year for a student program of study, the criteria for the Kemper Teaching Award and work on issues related to transfer of students to MU.

Faculty Affairs: Adelstein, chair, noted that work was done to (1) provide non-tenure track (NTT) faculty with representation at Faculty Council, (2) work on rules and regulations for NTT faculty, and (3) unit representation on Faculty Council.

Fiscal Affairs: Phillips, chair, noted that on the Health Oversight Committee was somehow scheduled for elimination. The committee felt there is a need for this committee and wrote a new charge for the committee dealing with health, retirement and other benefits. The Chancellor was comfortable with the charge. He has asked for nominations for membership to this committee. A recommendation is to change membership from secret to a non-secret. When Andrew Twaddle was leading the committee he was public with the proceedings of the committee.

Student Affairs: Devaney, chair, distributed a report on student costs. Vice Chancellor Scroggs suggested possible savings might be realized for textbook expenses. The committee met with Assistant Vice Chancellor Jeff Zeilenga and Assistant Bookstore Director Katie E. Lockwood looking at ways that faculty might help to reduce book costs. One thing faculty can do is get the book requests in early. This allows the bookstore to buy back used books. There was an example of a department that had an arrangement with a publisher to refund money to the department specified a package of text CD and supplementary material, but the students were very high, and they could not resell the material. Devaney will have Council's secretary, Hart, distribute this material to representatives. There was discussion about what the role of the bookstore currently is. A policy on textbooks needs to be developed, based on the broader question of the role of a bookstore in a time with on-line bookstore selling books at a lower price. A short discussion took place about the availability of condoms.

Any Other Business

Lamberson requested comments on The Undergraduate Core Learning Objectives. The document will send an electronic form of the document to representatives. Neal asked for information about the definition of a "learner centered environment." Campbell asked that all comments be directed to Lamberson.

Schopp asked to send a thoughtful note to Frank Schmidt about our concern over the death of his wife.

Campbell asked Schopp to draft a letter in appreciation for the work that President Floyd has done for MU.

Lamberson noted the interview schedule for the Director of the Campus Writing Program. Lamberson also mentioned a handout about The Chancellor's Early Promise Program 4th Grade Program, and is requesting any feedback to be directed to him.


The meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m.