Meeting Minutes: July 28, 2005


Present: E. Adelstein, K. Benson, R. Campbell, M. Devaney, E. Hunvald (for P. Fry), M. Kramer, B. Lamberson, S. Neal, T. Phillips, A. Prahlad, J. Prather-Kinsey, S. Loyalka (for M. Prelas), Mark Martin (for F. Schmidt), L. Schopp, J.W. Watt, R. Worthington, F. Zephir, and D. Yarwood (Retirees). Absent: E. Baker, C. Borduin, B. Bullock, L. Cohn, C. Gantzer, C. Holland, P. Johnson, A. Luger, K. MacLeod, E. Porter, J. Sterling, M. Taksar, L. Zanetti, R. Weems (Black Faculty & Staff), M. Muchow (Librarians), and A. Simpson (AAUP). Retiring members present: G. Christensen, S. Loyalka, and M. Devaney (for T. Marrero), C. Sampson, and B. Townsend. Retiring members not present: B. Cutter, R. Hessler, E. Landes, and D. Schenker.

Approval of Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Chair Gordon Christensen at 3:30 p.m., in room S203 Memorial Union. The minutes of the 5-5-05, 5-19-05, and 6-9-05 Faculty Council Meetings were approved as submitted.

Report of Officers

Christensen asked that Council observe a moment of silence for the tragic death of Aaron O'Neal, sophomore and member of MU's football team. Christensen announced that the executive committee approved on July 20, 2005, writing a letter of condolence to the O'Neal family. It was further announced that a memorial fund has been set up for those wishing to send a contribution in his memory.

In respect to this meeting being the last meeting for members retiring from the '04-'05 Council and the first meeting of the on-going '05-'06 Council, Christensen reminded those present that any votes taken during the open session would be with the '04-'05 members.

Adelstein reported on the recent Board of Curators Meeting in Portageville, Missouri. The Board members and interested visitors were given tours of the university agricultural facilities and grounds which were described as extensive and very impressive. Among the many items discussed at this meeting in Portageville, the university's 2006 health insurance changes for faculty and staff, Adelstein thought would be of greater interest to our group. The costs will increase, and the packages offered will differ as well. Adelstein advised Council to pay particular attention to upcoming announcements on these changes.

Action Items

Rules of Order - Christensen. Christensen asked Campbell to chair the Council to allow Christensen to present the item to the Council. The document is Council's Rules of Order and this version has many changes, strikeovers, and rewritten parts. There were questions from Hunvald, Devaney, and Lamberson asking for clarification of various changes at different parts of the document. Lamberson asked if discussion and action could be curtailed in order for the continuing '05-'06 Council to examine the suggested changes. A motion to table the item was made, then seconded. Council then voted unanimously to table this item.

Research Leave - Phillips. Tom Phillips presented this item for the Faculty Affairs Committee. As this item is up for action and had been discussed at the previous June Council meeting, discussion was short and decisive. A motion was made to accept the second suggestion out of the list of six provided to Council by the Office of Research for faculty review and comment. Council then voted unanimously on the second suggestion and it appears below in its entirety.

"Research Council essentially uses the exact same process, but breaks out their reviews into two explicit parts: (1) Scholarly merit; (2) Rationale for Leave. Research Council then rank orders proposals and sends those recommendations to the Office of Faculty Development who allocates funds. Because there is a separate scholarly merit review, faculty who have scholarly meritorious proposals, but did not rank highly enough because of the "rationale for leave" to get funded, can demonstrate to Deans and Chairs that their proposal passed peer review should those Deans and Chairs wish to support the leave from their own funds."

Discussion Items

Guest: Galen Suppes, Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering. Galen Suppes addressed Council with his concerns on the University's, "Collected Rules and Regulations" for faculty governance at the departmental level. He cited several problems he has encountered in the past in which the "Collected Rules and Regulations" (C.R.& R.) does not provide the clarification needed. He felt that as a regular faculty member he has not been given the opportunity to provide input into policy decisions in his department as well as not being able to place items on the meeting agendas. A member of Council interjected that he felt many faculty liked the ambiguity in the language of the CR&R's and didn't agree with Suppes's perceptions. Campbell asked that these concern be taken up by the 2005-'06 Faculty Affairs Committee.

Council Volunteers to Review the Draft Self-study NCAA Report. Volunteers were requested to provide reviewers for the draft report. The Athletic Department has contacted Council asking for three members, not already involved in the self-study, to review their draft report by August 17, 2005. Watt and Campbell volunteered at this meeting and another message will be sent by email tomorrow to locate a third member.

At the close of the meeting Campbell lead the Faculty Council in a hearty round of applause for all the excellent work Gordon Christensen accomplished in the last two years as chair of Faculty Council.


The meeting moved into a closed session. The 2005-2006 Executive committee elections were held and the members with offices are listed below.

William Lamberson, Chair
Frank Schmidt, Vice Chair
Pat Fry, Recorder
Rex Campbell, IFC Rep
Laura Schopp Observer to the Board
Mark Prelas, Web Editor
Tom Phillips, Chair, Academic Affairs
Jenice Prather-Kinsey, Chair, Faculty Affairs
Wilson Watt, Chair, Diversity Enhancement
Michael Devaney, Chair, Student Affairs
Edward Adelstein, Chair, Fiscal Affairs

The meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Campbell, Recorder