Meeting Minutes: July 31, 2003


Present: Bruce Bullock, Rex Campbell, Gordon Christensen, Bruce Cutter, Michael Devaney, Wilson Freyermuth, Sara Gable, Judith Goodman, Bill Lamberson, Eric Landes, Sudarshan Loyalka, Thomas Marrero, Tom Phillips, Peggy Placier, Eileen Porter, Jenice Prather-Kinsey, Charles Sampson, Don Sievert, Barbara Townsend, Flore Zephir, Charles Cramer (Retirees), and Adrienne Hoard (Black Faculty & Staff),. Absent: Edward Adelstein, Richard Hessler, Catherine Holland, Philip Johnson, Michael Kramer, Michael McKean, David Schenker, Frank Schmidt, Paul Sharp, Herbert Tillema (AAUP), and Michael Muchow (Librarians). Retiring members present: William Wiebold.

Approval of Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Chair Michael Devaney at 3:30 p.m. in room S203 of the Memorial Union. The minutes of the May 6, 2003 Winter Semester General Faculty Meeting and the May 8, 2003 Faculty Council Meeting were approved.

Report of Officers

Devaney thanked the nomination committee and the members of Faculty Council who agreed to run for offices.

Devaney reported that although Council had voted to amend the section of the "Collected Rules and Regulations" to update the names of colleges that have changed on campus, the section in question must be raised and voted on in a General Faculty Meeting. Therefore, we will consider the changes at the next General Faculty Meeting and then distribute a ballot. In addition, we will amend a section on Promotion and Tenure that contains obsolete names. He further suggested a change in wording that affects the definition of a division rather than using new names that may change with time.

Devaney reported that the "Academic Regulations" appear in multiple publications on campus. There have been reports of discrepancies between these versions and he suggests that the "Academic Regulations" be removed from the Faculty Handbook on the Faculty Council website and be replaced with a link to the Registrar's page.

Devaney told Council that a new committee to oversee RADIL activities will be formed and that Al Hahn and Mel George are to serve on the grievance review panel and select a third member to serve with them.

Sudarshan Loyalka, Vice Chair, reported that the system is appointing a Conflict of Interest committee. One person from each campus will serve; Michael Devaney will represent the Columbia campus.

Don Sievert, Observer to the Board, reported that budget information from the Board of Curators meeting was sobering. The state apportionment to higher education and the state income have both decreased. The university budget was made with the assumption of level state funding, but cuts are likely for next year. In fiscal year 2002, 5.5 percent of Missouri's state budget was spent on higher education compared with 11.8 percent for Tennessee, 13.9 percent for Colorado, 15 percent for Arkansas, 16.4 percent for Oklahoma, 17.3 percent for Kansas, 19.5 percent for Kentucky, 22.9 percent for Nebraska, and 24.6 percent for Iowa. The meeting also included presentation by the Deans of the Health Sciences Schools on the Columbia Campus and a tour of Regional and University Hospitals. Board members concluded that space in the hospital was under-utilized. Finally, workload was discussed and aggregate figures will be presented for teaching due to variability.

Action Items

Council Tracking System - Christensen. Gordon Christensen presented a proposal for a system to track Faculty Council actions so that Council will follow-up on items that require it. The tracking schedule will be placed on the Council website. The proposal passed unanimously on a voice vote.

Discussion Items

Guests: Mark Ingram, Director of Development Intercollegiate Athletics, Ross Bjork, Assistant Director for Development, and John Rasmussen, Director of the Tiger Scholarship Fund on "New Missouri Basketball Arena Seating Plan". In addition to above guests, Mike Alden, Athletic Director, and MaryEllen Sievert, Chair, Intercollegiate Athletics Committee were present. They presented a seating plan for the new basketball arena and discussed a proposed resolution on intercollegiate athletics. Regarding the seating plan, the goals were to fully fund the arena, provide more seats for students, contain costs, and to devote a section to faculty and staff. To reserve a seat in most of the areas will require that patrons contribute levels depending on the section in which seats are located. Faculty and staff will receive a 50 percent discount on the TSF fund and a 20 percent discount on tickets. In addition, 300 seats are reserved for faculty in a section that does not require Capital Campaign contribution. Faculty and staff currently occupy about 900 seats. Regarding the proposed resolution on intercollegiate athletics, Alden voiced support for it provided that other Big 12 schools adopt it as well. Alden suggested that our Faculty Council send it to our peers in the Big 12 for consideration.

Resolution on Intercollegiate Athletics

Christensen - The discussion continued of the proposed Resolution on Intercollegiate Athletics after Alden, Ingram, etc. departed. The original statement has been passed by the Big 10 and PAC 10 schools and by the University of Chicago. It consists of a statement of principles for how intercollegiate athletics should operate relative to academics. Some discussion took place as to whether the principles regarding the identification of freshman who face strong challenges for academic success and delaying eligibility for varsity play should apply to transfer students as well. Christensen suggested that we include a cover letter asking the administration to work with us so that these principles are implemented and to address transfer students.

Committee on Committee's Report - Devaney. Devaney suggested that the Chair of Committee on Committees report to Council in the spring or early fall of each year before Faculty Council solicits faculty to participate on committees for the following year. It is hoped that this would allow for early detection of problems so early remedies could be found.

Finalization of Revised Grievance Procedure - Loyalka & Goodman. Loyalka and Judith Goodman discussed proposed changes to the grievance procedure. The proposed structure of the standing committee and oversight committee was changed from an earlier version and the role of the proposed Investigative Officer was constrained. In addition, changes have been made to the timelines and the authority of the Chancellor and his staff. The document will be presented to the faculty during a public hearing.

Standing Committee Reports

Academic Affairs. Bill Lamberson, Chair, reported that his committee is addressing issues related to academic integrity.

Faculty Affairs. Christensen, Chair, reported that they are revising a report on chronic issues.

The Chairs of the Standing Committees and other officers on Council's Executive Committee thanked Michael Devaney for his leadership during his term as Chair of the Faculty Council.


The meeting moved to closed session at 5:00 p.m. to elect officers for the 2003-2004 academic year. The results of this election are:

The meeting was adjourned at 6:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Judith Goodman, Recorder