Meeting Minutes: April 10, 2003


Present: Tobias Baskin, Rex Campbell, Gordon Christensen, Nelson Cowan, Bruce Cutter, Michael Devaney, Wilson Freyermuth, Sara Gable, Judith Goodman, Richard Hessler, Tom Hurley, Philip Johnson, Bill Lamberson, Daniel Longo, Sudarshan Loyalka, Tom Marrero, Mike McKean, Peggy Placier, Eileen Porter, Jenice Prather-Kinsey, Charles Sampson, David Schenker, Paul Sharp, Don Sievert, Barbara Townsend, Bill Wiebold, Flore Zephir, Herbert Tillema (AAUP), Charles Cramer (Retirees), and Michael Muchow (Librarians). Absent: Jeffrey Anglen, Norman Land, and Eric Landes.

Approval of Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Chair Michael Devaney at 3:30 p.m. in room S203 of the Memorial Union. The minutes of the January 30, 2003 (revised), February 27, 2003, and March 13, 2003 Faculty Council meetings were approved as submitted.

Report of Officers

Devaney welcomed new Council member, Tom Marrero, who is Robert Leavene's replacement on Council. Devaney briefly discussed the proposal to expand the University of Missouri system by adding Northwest Missouri State University at Maryville as its fifth campus. He pointed out that there are serious concerns about the impact of such an expansion on the distribution of university resources. Devaney said that the Executive Committee received a report from the ad hoc grievance committee chaired by Judith Goodman. After this report is reviewed and submitted to Council, the Executive Committee will ask the Board of Curators to allow the university to use the committee's proposed grievance procedures for a three-year trial period. Devaney noted with a great deal of concern the Research Animal Diagnostic Laboratory (RADIL) in the College of Veterinary Medicine in that the Committee on Conflict of Interests has determined that the current structure of RADIL offers the potential for conflicts of interest. It was further noted that efforts to resolve potential conflicts were ongoing. Devaney noted that the Chancellor wants a reevaluation of the ombudsman proposal and he is requesting the Faculty Affairs committee to look into this. Finally, Devaney said that the ad hoc committee on intercollegiate athletics is gathering information and that a resolution based on their work is being developed. Curator McGinnis has expressed concern that Council's recent proposal to change procedures when an athlete is accused of a felony may single out athletes unduly. Devaney indicated that the Executive Committee will soon meet to propose membership on the campus and faculty standing committees.

Don Sievert, Board of Curators Observer, discussed the presentation to the Board by the Hunter Group concerning their recommendations for changes in the way University Hospital is managed. Some curators asked about plans in the event of reduced state appropriations. The Hunter Group is working on plans to reduce the number of employees but regards program termination as a last resort. The greatest need is for more physicians. Overall the tone of the report was cautiously optimistic. In other matters, the Board heard from Mr. Hagerty, Chief Executive Officer of ABC Laboratories in Columbia who discussed technology transfer and the need for some parts of the university to be more business oriented. At Tuesday's meeting the Board adopted changes in rules governing the athletic director's role in athlete suspensions although some concern was expressed that athletes are being singled out. It was noted that the decline in stock market value has required supplementing retirement funding. The Board is considering a tuition benefit for employees' dependents and they increased student fees 3.5 percent. They named the south quadrangle for the late Governor Mel Carnahan. Devaney added that President Floyd cited a need for athletics and academics to support each other and that Chancellor Wallace has designated the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs as responsible for evaluating the suspension of an athlete accused of a felony with the Provost to serve as a substitute if needed.

Eileen Porter, Intercampus Faculty Council (IFC) Representative, reported on faculty workload policy, noting that the present policy does not explicitly take into account all aspects of faculty effort. Porter noted that President Floyd and Vice President Lehmkuhle want to develop reporting methods that will include all faculty activities. Issues of promotion and tenure were discussed including a review of guidelines at the University of Iowa. Sudarshan Loyalka added that Iowa's guidelines are detailed and that it will be necessary to examine differences in promotion and tenure guidelines at each campus in our system. It was noted that President Floyd mentioned that IFC should study the best schools with the best practices. It remains to be decided whether promotion and tenure guidelines will be campus or system based.

Other topics discussed at IFC were: faculty incentive plans, conflicts of interest, and policies governing consolidation or merger of programs. Devaney presented to the IFC a document developed by Council concerning the merger of programs. The other campuses will consider applying those policies to their programs. There are no plans to incorporate this information in the Collected Rules and Regulations. Loyalka thanked the Faculty Affairs Committee for their role in developing and presenting this information. It was announced that Lehmkuhle will talk to campus officers about the implementation of post-tenure review and noted that President Floyd prefers to focus attention on procedures prior to the decision on tenure. Devaney discussed the American Association of Universities statement regarding the responsibilities of universities in times of international tension and domestic protest. Devaney discussed the actions of Council regarding the statement and the addendum to it taken at Council's March 13 meeting.

Among other topics discussed was the balance of the money available from the Research Board that has few applicants, the tuition benefit for dependents, and Senate bill 450 (consolidating medical coverage for all state employees). President Floyd said that all grievants (six from Columbia, two from St. Louis, and one from Kansas City) would be notified within thirty days of March 19 of his decision on their grievance.

Discussion Items

Resolution on Student Participation in Intercollegiate Athletics & High Profile Performances - Devaney. Devaney noted that the language of this resolution has been broadened to include all participating students in response to concerns raised by Curator McGinnis, that restricting the language to athletes could be discriminatory. Discussion yielded a consensus that Council would notify University Counsel that broader language has been considered and further discussion could take place if University Counsel wishes it.

Resolution on Intercollegiate Athletics - Christensen

Gordon Christensen remarked that Athletic Director Michael Alden would be consulted before a resolution on intercollegiate athletics was introduced. Points raised in discussion included the number of coaches (one) who are regular faculty, problems arising at the University of Georgia where a teaching coach participated in academic fraud, and whether this resolution might undermine some academic support services available to athletes.

Consideration of FC Support of Exec Letter to Conflict of Interest Committee - Devaney

Devaney began discussion by noting the recent decision of the Committee on Conflict of Interest on the structure of the RADIL program in the College of Veterinary Medicine that poses the possibility of conflict with the academic mission of the College. Devaney said that the Executive Committee sent a letter to this committee urging that it not limit their concerns to fiscal matters but that they also concern themselves with use of space, equipment and research infrastructure, assignment of teaching advising and service responsibilities, promotion and tenure recommendations, and new faculty hiring decisions. Devaney then asked for Council's endorsement of Executive Committee's letter. A discussion followed in which several points were made. There were concerns about: incentive plans being developed in the School of Medicine; whether policies should distinguish those participating in RADIL from those not involved; discussion of the membership and functioning of the Committee on Conflict of Interest; whether an administrator should be allowed to participate in RADIL; and, whether conflict of interest concerns with RADIL should be broadened to include other similar situations on the Columbia campus. A consensus emerged that the Chancellor and Provost should be consulted about broadening the charge to the Committee on Conflict of Interests and about increasing faculty representation on that and related committees.

Standing Committee Reports

Faculty Affairs: Christensen, Chair, reported that the Committee will not file a report on chronic issues pending their review of the ombudsman proposal. They are also preparing a draft document concerned with the reporting of faculty activities.

Any Other Business

Peggy Placier expressed concern about a document requesting areas of budget reduction in anticipation of reduced state support. Devaney replied that the document had been discussed with the Chancellor and Provost and that its most notable feature was a recommendation, based on the Hunter Group's report, that 2 million dollars go annually to the hospital and/or medical school. The Provost thinks that if the Hunter Group's recommendations are successful the hospital will become a source of funding for the campus as has been the case in the past.

A question about the recent proposal to make Northwestern Missouri State University the fifth campus of the university system brought the reply that there seems to be some resistance to the idea in the state legislature and the future of the proposal is uncertain.


The open meeting adjourned at 4:35 p.m. Election results in closed session were: Gordon Christensen was elected chair for 2003-2004 and Eileen Porter was elected vice chair.

Respectfully submitted,
Thomas Hurley, Recorder