Meeting Minutes: November 2, 2000


Present: Edward Adelstein, Tobias Baskin, David Geary (for Nelson Cowan), Gordon Christensen, Bruce Cutter, Michael Devaney, Jeffre Firman, Judith Goodman, Wayne Hess, Daniel Hooley, Tom Hurley, Ed Hunvald (for Robert Jerry), Philip Johnson, Alice Kuehn, Norman Land, Sudarshan Loyalka, Michael McKean, Loren Nikolai, Catherine Parke, Lloyd Barrow (for Peggy Placier), MaryEllen Sievert, Robert Weagley, Bill Wiebold, Russ Zguta, Herb Brown (for Charles Cramer, Retirees), and Pat Timberlake (Librarians). Absent: Dan Edidin, Anne McKendry, David Rayl, Mable Grimes (Black Faculty and Staff), and Herbert Tillema (AAUP).

Approval of Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Chair Russ Zguta at 3:30 p.m. in room S203 Memorial Union. The minutes of the September 28 and October 12 Faculty Council meetings were approved.

Report of Officers

Zguta reported on the Fall Semester General Faculty Meeting of October 25.

Vice Chair Judith Goodman reported on a meeting of the Council for International Initiatives at which problems with the Office of International Programs were discussed. Goodman further reported on the Global Scholars Program and the trips to South Africa and Ireland that are currently being planned for the summer of 2001. Application materials for these trips are available through respective faculty deans offices and they have a December, 2000 deadline for submission.

Tom Hurley thanked David Rayl for his most able work as recorder when schedule conflicts prevented Hurley from attending meetings in September and October.

Board of Curators Report

Board Observer Rob Weagley reported on the Board meeting of October 19. Weagley's report highlighted President Pacheco's remarks concerning post-tenure review and English language proficiency. Weagley also noted the Board's concern about the financial condition of the University Hospital and Clinics.

Action Items

'02-'03 Academic Calendar. Dan Hooley, chair of Academic Affairs, presented the Proposed 2002-2003 Academic Calendar for Council's approval. A vote was called following discussion of this item and the proposed 2002-2003 calendar was unanimously approved.

Statement on Freedom of Speech and Academic Freedom. Mike Devaney, chair of Student Affairs, presented a revised statement on Freedom of Speech and Academic Freedom for Council's approval. A vote was called following discussion of this item and Council voted to approve it.

Discussion Items

Guest: Vicky Curby, Director, McNair Program. Vicky Curby summarized the program's background and distributed materials describing the program, a mentor application, and the MU McNair Journal. Curby asked members of Council to acquaint their colleagues with the program and the need for mentors.

Post-Tenure Review Ballot. A draft of a ballot to be voted on by the faculty, which incorporated the motion by Professor John Zemke passed at the General Faculty Meeting of October 25, was introduced by Bruce Cutter and Judith Goodman. Following discussion a motion to suspend the rules passed unanimously and a further motion to charge Bruce Cutter and Judith Goodman with the final wording of the ballot passed unanimously.

Standing Committee Reports

Faculty Affairs: Chair, Edward Adelstein reported that this committee plans a study of the problems at the University Medical Center which include delays in seeing patients, a shortage of attending physicians and inability to generate a statement of charges after a patient is seen. He pointed out that these are longstanding problems which have yet to be resolved by new leadership at the Medical Center. Discussion yielded a consensus that John O'Shaughnessy, Executive Director of Clinical Affairs & COO, and Dan Winship, Vice Chancellor Health Affairs & CEO be invited to speak to the Council regarding these concerns.

Fiscal Affairs: Jeffrey Firman, speaking on behalf of Robert Jerry, Chair, reported briefly on the new membership of the Resource Advisory Council (RAC).

Student Affairs: Chair, Mike Devaney reported that a recently formulated document related to students' use of alcohol would soon be forwarded to Council. Devaney also forwarded to the Academic Affairs Committee a resolution concerning "satisfactory academic progress" and related appeals available to students. Devaney also mentioned in his report the need for the "M-Book" to be revised.

Any Other Business

William Wiebold asked to be updated on the progress of the Task Force on the Grievance Process chaired by President Emeritus Melvin George. It was suggested by some members of the Executive Committee as well as some members of this task force who were present that proposals to improve the grievance process may soon be forthcoming.

Edward Adelstein distributed to Council a draft of a "Faculty Bill of Rights" and asked for any suggestions for change.


Chair Zguta made a motion to adjourn into closed session at approximately 4:45 p.m. in order to make some committee nominations.

Respectfully submitted,
Tom Hurley, Recorder