Meeting Minutes: September 28, 2000


Present: Edward Adelstein, Tobias Baskin, Dave Geary (for Nelson Cowan), Michael Devaney, Dan Edidin, Judith Goodman, Daniel Hooley, Robert Jerry, Philip Johnson, Kay Libbus (for Alice Kuehn), Norman Land, Sudarshan Loyalka, Anne McKendry, Loren Nikolai, Catherine Parke, Peggy Placier, David Rayl, MaryEllen Sievert, Robert Weagley, Russ Zguta, Charles Cramer (Retirees), and Pat Timberlake (Librarians). Absent: Gordon Christensen, Bruce Cutter, Jeffre Firman, Wayne Hess, Tom Hurley, Michael McKean, William Wiebold, Mable Grimes (Black Faculty and Staff), and Herb Tillema (AAUP).

Approval of Minutes

Chair Russ Zguta called the meeting to order in room S203 Memorial Union at approximately 3:30 p.m. The minutes of the August 24, 2000 Faculty Council meeting were approved as submitted.

Report of Officers

Zguta reported that he, on behalf of the faculty, had presented a memorial MU captain's chair to retiring Registrar Gary Smith for his many years of service to the University of Missouri.

Zguta reported that the Executive Committee had met with Chancellor Wallace on Wednesday, September 27. Items discussed were post tenure review, the growing number of non-regular faculty, the campus's teaching load policy, and an update on the grievance and mediation processes. The executive committee asked for a breakdown of the various types of non-regular faculty and were promised that these numbers are forthcoming. In regard to the present grievance process an alternative of utilizing extensive mediation followed by binding arbitration was discussed.

In light of the recent demonstration at an on-campus speech by Ms. Karenna Gore, it has been suggested that an ad hoc Task Force on Free Speech be created. The Executive Committee suggested a list of items for inclusion in the fall faculty meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, October 25.

Intercampus Faculty Council Report (IFC)
MaryEllen Sievert, Council representative to IFC, reported on the group's recent meeting. Post- tenure review occupied the bulk of the discussion. Teresa Thiel, a member of the UMSL faculty and chair of the University Committee on Post-Tenure Review, attended the meeting and answered questions about the process of drafting the document and its implementation.

Board of Curators Report

Rob Weagley, Council representative to the Board, provided Council with a written report of the recent Board meeting. One of the more pertinent items was Vice President Lehmkuhle's presentation on English Language Proficiency for University of Missouri teaching faculty. Provost Deaton was on hand to discuss MU's approach to dealing with this issue. Both the Board of Curators and the Missouri legislature are intensely interested in this issue.

Discussion Items

Guests: Richard Dowdy, Associate Professor of Nutritional Sciences for the United Way Campaign; and, Jack Burns, Vice Provost for Research. Zguta introduced guest Richard Dowdy, one of three co-chairs of the campus's United Way Campaign. He presented a video highlighting the work of the United Way and the various agencies receiving its support. The campus goal is $450,000 this year, plus there is an additional goal of increasing the participation rate on campus. Last year the participation rate was 24.9 percent, which is considered low.

Zguta introduced guest Jack Burns who updated Council on the activities of the Office of Research. He reviewed the Master Plan for Research & Technology. The web address for this plan is: The plan was initiated in AY 1997, and since that time the campus has seen an increase of 65 percent in federal research expenditures. MU ranks 47th in research expenditures among Carnegie Research I Universities that are members of AAU Public Universities.

Faculty Forums on Post-Tenure Review Document. Zguta announced the dates and times of the upcoming Faculty Forums on Post-Tenure Review: Tuesday, October 3, 9:30 a.m., Whitmore Recital Hall, 151 Fine Arts Building; and, Wednesday, October 11, 3:30 p.m. in Jesse Wrench Auditorium, Memorial Union. These forums have been announced in several ways: 1) a mass e mail to all faculty; 2) an article in "Mizzou Weekly"; and, 3) flyers that were mailed to all department chairs who were asked to distribute them to their faculty. The key documents relating to this issue are accessible on the web with those addresses included in all announcements. Professor Teresa Thiel, a member of the UMSL faculty and chair of the University Committee on Post Tenure Review, will be on the panel at both forums.

Student Fee Assessments Against Faculty Researchers. The matter of student fee assessments against faculty researchers who take classes for professional development was introduced by Robert Jerry and briefly discussed. Jerry asked that it be returned to Executive Committee for further discussion.

Standing Committee Reports

Academic Affairs: Chair, Dan Hooley reported that the committee had met with Assistant Provost Peter Markie who had laid out a number of issues for their discussion during the coming year.


The meeting moved to closed session at 4:35 p.m. to make committee appointments. The meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
David Rayl, Recorder