Meeting Minutes: April 26, 2001


Present: Edward Adelstein, Nelson Cowan, Gordon Christensen, Bruce Cutter, Michael Devaney, Dan Edidin, Judith Goodman, Daniel Hooley, Tom Hurley, Michelle Cecil (for Robert Jerry), Eileen Porter (for Alice Kuehn), Norman Land, Sudarshan Loyalka, Michael McKean, Loren Nikolai, Catherine Parke, Peggy Placier, MaryEllen Sievert, William Wiebold, Russ Zguta, Herbert Tillema (AAUP), Charles Cramer (Retirees), Pat Timberlake (Library). Absent: Tobias Baskin, Jeffre Firman, L. Wayne Hess, Philip J. Johnson, Anne McKendry, David Rayl, Robert Weagley, and Mable Grimes (Black Faculty and Staff).

Report of Officers

The meeting was called to order by Chair Russ Zguta at 3:30 p.m. in S203 of the Memorial Union. Zguta reported on the Winter Semester General Faculty Meeting of April 18, 2001. Bruce Cutter made a brief Intercampus Faculty Council (IFC) report.

Action Items

General Education - Hooley. Dan Hooley reported on the Executive Committee's meeting regarding the assessment of the faculty's response to the Coordinating Board of Higher Education's (CBHE) changes in transfer and articulation of general education credits. The committee's consensus was that the faculty was not sufficiently informed/interested about the changes to vote on them at this time. Citing the need to survey faculty opinion and address areas of confusion, the committee recommends that assessment of faculty opinion be postponed until fall. This would not seriously interfere with the timetable for changes proposed by CBHE and Zguta pointed out that Vice President Lehmkuhle and Vice Provost Markie also foresaw no problems with postponement. Hooley moved that Council appoint an ad hoc committee to devise an instrument and to gather the pertinent information this spring in anticipation of a faculty vote this fall. The motion passed unanimously.

Grievance Resolution - Adelstein. Edward Adelstein introduced a resolution regarding reinstatement of regular faculty not renewed or denied access to the tenure process. The resolution as amended passed with one dissent and one abstention. Adelstein introduced another resolution calling upon the Chancellor to suspend a terminal contract if grievance procedures do not conform to the regulation 370.010 F.3. The resolution passed with one abstention.

Resolution 1.
Whereas Regulation 310.020, which states "The Board (Curators) recognizes that matters relating to faculty status are primarily a faculty responsibility. Recommendations in matters of appointment, reappointment, non-reappointment, promotion, tenure and dismissal shall be by the appropriate faculty through established procedures, followed by action by administrative offices, with final determination by the appointment authority." Be it resolved that the Chancellor should immediately offer reinstatement to any faculty member who has either received a notice of non-reappointment or who has been denied access to the tenure procedure without due faculty involvement, avoiding negative repercussions and with appropriate salary reimbursement.

Resolution 2.
Be it resolved that the Campus Academic Grievance Officer should ensure completion of a grievance within 180 days from the filing of a grievance, except in exceptional circumstances, and only when "the time has been extended by mutual agreement and confirmed in writing" between grievant and respondent (Regulation 370.010 F. 3).

Be it further resolved that, in cases associated with non-renewal where there is delay in the completion of a grievance beyond 180 days, as determined from the date of grievance submission, the Chancellor should suspend the remainder of the terminal contract until completion of the grievance process. This 180 day period will not include the delays that are beyond the provisions of 370.010 for which the grievant is entirely responsible.

Discussion Items

Guest: Lori Franz, Associate Provost, on the topic of Mission Enhancement. Zguta introduced Associate Provost Lori Franz to Council. Franz began by distributing a mission enhancement summary sheet which described disbursements made in the first four rounds of funding. Following her presentation a question and answer session followed. There were questions concerning: whether external reviews were used to evaluate department requests for more faculty (reviews were internal); how results are to be assessed (National Academy of Science rankings of departments and similar methods); the time course of evaluation and hiring (no firm time course was set--timetable for hiring has been changed since the realization that improved infrastructure must precede hiring); what new library support would be available (units doing hiring as well as the new hires themselves determine how library support is used); and, how funds accumulating by postponed hiring are being used (about $20 million so accumulated are being used for renovations). Franz added that all new positions are tenure track.

New Athletic Ticket Policy. Zguta introduced Sarah Reesman and John Rasmussen of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. They described meetings held to explain new policies regarding donations to the athletic scholarship fund in order to purchase season tickets to basketball games. Current season ticket holders will pay $75 to $1,000 per seat each year in order to purchase season tickets for $250 to $368. New season ticket holders will pay $250 to $2,500 per seat per year. Faculty and staff will pay half those amounts and also receive a 20 percent discount for tickets themselves.

Standing Committee Reports

Student Affairs: Chair, Michael Devaney, reported that his committee will begin taking a close look at some of the changes in rules regarding student conduct which will be reported to Council this coming fall.


Zguta, in a response to a question from William Wiebold, told Council that we have not received any communication from the AAUP to investigate our grievance procedures.


The open session of the meeting adjourned at 5:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Thomas Hurley, Recorder