Kristen Taylor

Assistant Professor
Pathology and Anatomical Sciences - School of Medicine
Term Ends: 2019

Kristen H. Taylor, PhD joined the University of Missouri faculty in 2011. She is an Assistant Professor in the Departments of Pathology and Anatomical Sciences and Child Health. She is also a member of the graduate faculty for the Pathobiology Area Program and the Genetics Area Program.

Dr. Taylor received a PhD in Genetics from Texas A&M University. During her postdoctoral studies she began to investigate the role of DNA methylation in pediatric leukemia. Her laboratory at the University of Missouri is focused more broadly on the role of epigenetics in cancer. Epigenetics can be defined as a heritable change that modulates chromatin organization and gene expression without altering the DNA sequence. Epigenetic mechanisms include DNA methylation, histone modifications, and noncoding RNAs. Dr. Taylor uses a multi-disciplinary approach to understand the role of epigenetic alterations on gene expression, relying on technology development, mechanistic studies in model cell lines, and clinical and translational collaborations. A broad range of technologies are used in the laboratory including next-generation sequencing, genome-scale microarrays and MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry. These experimental approaches are being used to identify epigenetic targets in cancer so that novel therapeutic interventions can be developed.