General Education Program Review Taskforce charge

RATIONALE: The General Education Policy is one of the cornerstones of the undergraduate educational experience at MU. It is essential that such a key program be periodically reviewed by the faculty to ensure it continues to achieve the original goal that "All baccalaureate graduates of the University should have a sound intellectual foundation in the liberal arts and sciences which provides the ability to reason and think critically, to write and speak coherently, to understand important issues confronting society, to understand the importance of international affairs in an increasingly interdependent global environment, to understand our culture and history, to appreciate the fine arts and the humanities and to understand major scientific and technological influences in society."

MOTION: Faculty Council shall appoint a committee consisting of members from within and outside Faculty Council with a mandate to review the entire General Education program and make recommendations, via Faculty Council, to the general faculty. If any significant alterations of the General Education program are recommended, Council will hold appropriate open forums on the proposals and hold a ballot to gain the sense of the general faculty. Although this review should encompass all aspects of the General Education program, specific issues that have already been identified for discussion include: