Faculty Handbook: Additional Regulations

Numerous policies and procedures have been established that directly pertain to the responsibilities and activities of Faculty. These are found in the UM Collected Rules and Regulations — a copy of which can also be found in all divisional offices. Selected policies and their identifying chapters and sections are identified below, along with the appropriate links to the UM Collected Rules and Regulations:

Intercampus Faculty Council 20.100
Use of Copyrighted Materials in Teaching and Research 100.010
Patent and Plant Variety Regulations 100.020
Copyright Regulations 100.030
Keys to Doors and Buildings 110.030
MU Traffic Regulations 120.010
Visiting Speakers Supported from Funds Other Than Regular Budget 170.070
Student Records 180.020
Standard of Student Conduct 200.010
Rules of Procedure in Student Conduct Matters 200.020
Forms for Use in Student Disciplinary Matters 200.030
Guidelines for Educational Programs and Courses 210.010
Intercampus Transfer 210.040
Report of Grades 210.050
AIDS Policy 280.030
Student Housing Rules and Regulations 290.020
Faculty Irresponsibility 300.010
Academic Tenure Regulations 310.010-310.090
Equal Employment Opportunity Program 320.010
Policy and Procedures for Promotion and Tenure 320.035
Academic Appointments 320.070
Joint Appointments and Joint Titles 320.080
Emeritus Designation 320.090
Discontinuance of Programs or Departments of Instruction 320.150
Personal Conduct of Employees 330.010
Conflict of Interest 330.015
Civic Responsibility 330.020
Professional Responsibilities, Protest and Political Activities 330.040
Political Activities 330.050
Consensual Romantic Relationship Policy 330.065
Affirmative Action on Committee Appointments 330.070
Instructional Communication Policy 330.090
Leaves (Sabbatical, Research, etc.) 340.020-340.120
Summer Appointments and Consultation 360.020
Endowments 360.090
Travel 360.100
Moving Expenses - Executive Order 360.111
Dues and Memberships in Organizations 360.120
Personnel on Foreign Services 360.130
Faculty and Staff Campus Mediation Service 365.010
Academic Grievances 370.010-370.020
Discrimination Grievance Procedure for Students 390.010
Health and Medical Surveillance Program for Laboratory Animal Care Personnel 400.010
Care and Use of Vertebrate Animals as Subjects in Research and Teaching 400.020
Research Involving Humans in Experiments 410.010
Research Misconduct 420.010
Procedures Governing the Disposition of Charges of Research Dishonesty 420.020
Defense and Protection of Employees 490.010
Benefit Plans 500-590