Graduate Faculty Senate

Regulations concerning graduate students and graduate programs are determined by the Graduate Faculty acting through its delegated authority, the Graduate Faculty Senate. Graduate Faculty Senate members are elected by the Graduate Faculty members in their department or graduate degree-granting area.

The Bylaws of the Graduate Faculty Senate are contained in the Graduate Faculty Senate Handbook. Copies may be obtained from Senate members or the Graduate School. Specific policies and procedures for graduate programs are published in the Graduate Catalog.

The remainder of this section is taken from the 1989-90 Graduate Faculty Senate Handbook and minutes of Graduate Faculty Senate meetings.

Graduate Faculty Membership

All faculty members with regular appointments holding the rank of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia shall be members of the Graduate Faculty.

Faculty members holding other than regular appointments may apply for membership on the Graduate Faculty by obtaining a membership applications from the Graduate School. The application must be endorsed by the degree-granting department or area and approved by the Senate Membership Committee which will make a recommendation for approval to the Graduate Faculty.

Doctoral Faculty Membership

The Doctoral Faculty consists of all Graduate Faculty members who have been certified by their doctoral-degree granting departments, areas, or units as qualified to direct doctoral research. This certification shall be reviewed every five years by the degree-granting department, area, or unit. Each certifying unit's standards must be on file with the Graduate School, along with an outline of procedures established for recertification.

Appeals of the decisions fo the certifying unit should be directed to the Chair of the Graduate Faculty Senate Membership Committee. That committee will review the decision and make a recommendation to the Graduate Dean. If the Graduate Dean disagrees with the decision of the Membership Committee, the Dean will make an separate recommendation and refer the application to the Intercampus Doctoral Council, whose decision will be final.

Those faculty members requesting Doctoral Faculty status who are not in degree-granting departments, areas, or units should apply directly to the Graduate School. The application will be review by the applicant's Senate Sector Committee. In the event of a split decision between department and sector, the Senate Membership Committee will review the case and offer a final recommendation to the Senate.

Doctoral Faculty members transferring from any department or campus within the University system to the University of Missouri-Columbia campus shall be accorded Doctoral Faculty status and membership.

Doctoral Dissertation Co-Supervisor

Department chairpersons can appoint dissertation co-supervisors according to procedures appropriate to departmental policies. The appointee must be a member of the Graduate Faculty. Co-Supervisors are appointed by the department and confirmed by the Graduate Faculty Membership Committee. The appropriate form should be completed and sent to the Graduate School as notification of the appointment. It will then be acknowledged by the Graduate Faculty Membership Committee and returned to the Graduate School office.

Dissertation co-supervisionship may be granted to members of the Graduate Faculty who meet the following qualifications:

  1. They shall have earned the degree of Doctor of Philosophy or its equivalent.
  2. They shall have the rank of Assistant Professor or Associate Professor with time limitations stated below:
    1. Assistant Professors shall have the right to co-supervise doctoral dissertation research for a period not to exceed six years from the time they earned the doctoral degree or have been appointed to the rank of Assistant Professor at MU, whichever term is longer.
    2. Associate Professors shall have the right to co-supervise doctoral research for a period not to exceed four years from the time of their appointment at MU at the rank of Associate Professor, or for the period described in the preceding paragraph above, whichever term is shorter.
  3. It is expected that dissertation co-supervisors will have earned the right independently to supervise doctoral dissertation research before reaching the time limits stated above. Failure to become a member of the Doctoral Faculty shall mean that supervision of doctoral research shall be terminated as rapidly as possible, consistent with the welfare of the doctoral candidates being supervised.