Article IX. Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates

[amended 6/11/15]

  1. The requirements for an approved degree and/or certificate will be established and monitored by the faculty of the division responsible for recommending candidates for the degree and/or certificate.
  2. Names of students who complete degree and/or certificate requirements and are recommended by the appropriate faculty will be submitted to the Office of the Registrar at the conclusion of the annual fall, winter and summer terms.

    Additions and deletions to the list of candidates may be made by the respective deans.
  3. Diplomas and certificates will be issued following verification that each candidate has completed requirements specified by the appropriate faculties and that the proper notations have been recorded on official transcripts.
  4. A student may be granted two baccalaureate degrees if all requirements for both degrees have been met and the student has completed at least 12 semester hours of course work beyond that required for the first degree.
  5. Candidates seeking undergraduate degrees from the MU must successfully complete at least 30 of their final 36 credit hours in course work offered by MU. Exceptions may be made as articulated and defined by individual departments or units. (amended March 13, 2003)
  6. Credit initially earned and applied toward an undergraduate degree may not subsequently be applied toward a graduate degree unless it is part of an officially approved accelerated graduate degree program.
  7. Any credit transferred to MU and applied toward a graduate degree program must have been earned at an institution accredited to confer graduate degrees.
  8. Attendance by candidates at commencement and other activities related to the completion of campus academic programs is encouraged, although not required.