Article V. Examinations

[passed 2/26/09; amended 5/30/10]

This article is designed to protect students from irregularities in the administration of both multi-section group examinations administered during a semester and final examinations. In general, the Registrar is responsible for the guidelines governing the administration of examinations, and he or she is charged with the responsibility of assuring that any conflict that may occur between regularly scheduled examination and a multi-section group examination will not deprive a student of being eligible to take both.

  1. No teacher will hold an examination during any time other than the regular meeting time of the class or the time as approved by the Registrar for both multi-section and final examinations. No one is authorized to change the schedules of multi-section examinations or final examinations in any way without permission from the Registrar and then only upon recommendation of the appropriate department chair and dean.
  2. Examinations in courses numbered 7000 and above may be conducted at any time agreeable to both the teacher and students.
  3. No group or class examination may be held during Reading Day, formerly known as Stop Day.
    1. Reading Day is Friday of the final week of classes.
    2. Final examinations are to be administered on Monday through Friday noon of the week following the end of coursework.
    3. The Friday that follows 7 days after Reading Day may be used for individual make-up exams or in the event that extreme weather conditions or other extraordinary events result in cancellation of a regularly scheduled exam date.
    4. No commencement exercises shall be scheduled before 1:00 p.m. on Friday (7 days after Reading Day).
  4. Examination of individual students may be held at the discretion of the instructor. This particular regulation should not be interpreted to mean that "individual students" constitute an entire class.
  5. No student may be reexamined for the purpose of changing a grade after a final grade has been reported to the Registrar.
  6. The professional Schools of Law, Medicine and the College of Veterinary Medicine are not subject to the foregoing provisions and may arrange final examinations to meet their respective needs.