Meeting Minutes: October 7, 1999


Present: Edward Adelstein, Lloyd Barrow, Bruce Biddle, Bruce Cutter, Michael Devaney, Dan Edidin, Elizabeth Geden, Linda Larrivee (for Judith Goodman), Robert Hall, Daniel Hooley, Jean Sternlight (for Robert Jerry), Robert Johnson, Michael McKean, Anne McKendry, Mark Milanick, Don Miles, Loren Nikolai, Glenn Pierce, MaryEllen Sievert, Robert Weagley, Russ Zguta, Robert Almony (Librarians), Eugene Iannotti (AAUP), and G.B. Thompson (Retirees). Absent: William Davis, Allen Hahn, Thomas Hurley, Sudarshan Loyalka, David Rayl, William Wiebold and Mable Grimes (Black Faculty&Staff).

Approval of Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 3:30 p.m. by Chair Elizabeth Geden, in room S203 of the Memorial Union. The minutes were approved for the June 10, 1999 and the September 23, 1999 meetings.

Report of Officers

Geden reported that the Executive Committee met with Chancellor Wallace on September 24 and discussed issues of the strategic plan and the planning process. Members urged greater participation of the planning committee with the faculty.

The Executive Committee met with Provost Deaton on October 1 and discussed with him the situation of non-regular faculty. Provost Deaton supported the recommendations sent to him in August and plans to present them to the Council of Deans on October 8.

Russ Zguta added that in the meeting with Provost Deaton the Executive Committee also discussed the issue of faculty evaluation of all administrators.

Discussion Items

Student Absences. Michael Devaney presented for the Student Affairs Committee a recommended change in the student absence policy. He reported that in response to e-mail communications the wording "2 classes" would be changed to "2 hours" because not all classes meet for the same period of time. Members raised the issue of clarifying the phrase "an official University function." Considerable discussion followed.

Acceptable Use Of Computing Resources. Mike McKean reported on the "Acceptable Use of Computer Resources" policy. McKean described the background for the MU policy and noted that a system committee was looking at the legal aspects. He handed out a summary sheet which is displayed in all university computer labs. In response to questions McKean indicated that there is more than one document on fair use leading to confusion for some members of the campus community. He also introduced the Tiger Link Subsidy policy which had been adopted by the campus committee. Following his report was a discussion of an e-mail distributed to all faculty and staff inviting participation in a lunch Bible study group. A handout explained the policy of Integrated Access Technology Services on mass mailings. Discussion followed and several suggested that if a group wants to do a mass e-mailing then the header be changed so that it does not appear to be an official document. Council directed McKean to take up the headings on the mass mailings with the MU Computer Policy Committee.

Guests: Gilbert Porter, Director, Undergraduate Education & Michael Porter, Chair, Committee on Undergraduate Education (CUE).

Statewide policy on general education. Geden introduced Gilbert Porter and Michael Porter and their topic the statewide policy on general education. Gilbert Porter presented a handout which explained the differences currently being discussed. The increase to 45 hours would have a significant impact on most of the professional programs on the MU campus since MU students would then have to take 54 hours to fulfill the general education requirement. Other areas of concern to MU: 1) general education requirements in the lower division where MU now has some in the upper division; 2) the difference in requirements for college English; and, 3) the lack of a minimum grade for college algebra. The document is in progress and Gilbert Porter announced an upcoming conference in October to get a response from the academic community. The current document will be revised and then the resulting document will be in the hands of the Committee on Transfer and Articulation and the CBHE.

Missouri Association of Faculty Senates Report

Russ Zguta reported on a recent meeting of the Missouri Association of Faculty Senates. Zguta reported that the largest portion of the meeting's discussion was on the general education requirements.


After a brief closed session the meeting adjourned at 5:05.

Respectfully submitted,
Judith Goodman, Recorder