Meeting Minutes: September 18, 1997


Present: Lloyd Barrow, Bruce Biddle, Melvin Blase, Michael Devaney, Jere Francis, Elizabeth Geden, Allen Hahn, Robert Hall, Edward Hunvald, Thomas Hurley, William Kurtz, Henry Liu, Mark Milanick, Don Miles, Marian Minor, Glenn Pierce, Don Ranly, Dennis Sentilles, Robert Weagley, Paul Weirich, William Wiebold, Gilbert Youmans, Russ Zguta, Robert Almony (Librarians), and Rod Kabrick (substituting for Wayne Decker, Retirees). Absent: Edward Adelstein, Gordon Christensen, Nancy Knipping, Robin Remington, Mary Ellen Sievert, and Mable Grimes (Black Faculty&Staff).

Approval of Minutes

Chair Gilbert Youmans called the meeting to order at 3:40 p.m. in Room S110 of the Memorial Union. The minutes of the August 28, 1997 Faculty Council Meeting were approved.

Report of Officers

Youmans reported on the meeting of the IFC (Intercampus Faculty Council) noting three specific items. First, Ralph Caruso, Vice President for University-Wide Information Systems, met with IFC and discussed changes in computing services. Next, President Pacheco met with the IFC but no formal proposals have been put forward yet. Finally, Youmans has proposed that IFC formally approve a set of bylaws for that organization.

Youmans then reported on the forums for the plus/minus grading system. He noted that student attendance at the forums was better than faculty attendance. The Task Force on Plus/Minus Grading hopes to have a proposed ballot ready shortly.

Youmans then gave his response to the issues currently being discussed on the online Faculty Forum, which can be visited at the Faculty Council's website:

Currently, the most controversial issue on the web is the clusters requirement. Youmans noted that when faculty approved the current General Education Architecture by a vote of 442 to 119 in May, 1991, they did so with the proviso "that implementation is tied to availability of funding and may be delayed if adequate funding is not available in a given year." However, the number of full-time regular faculty has declined rather than increased since this vote: from 1,237 in 1992 to 1,172 in 1997 (a loss of 65 faculty). Hence, the clusters requirement was never adequately funded, and many faculty have opposed its implementation. Youmans suggested that the challenge currently facing the Faculty Council is to unite faculty behind a revised version of the General Education Architecture--one that has widespread support among faculty.

Discussion Items

Council Representation Report. Geden presented the 1999 report on council representation. The report is a compilation of the tenured and tenure-track (regular) faculty in each division and the subsequent number of seats on Council per division. According to this report there will be no changes in the number of seats on Council for the coming year. Council voted unanimously to suspend the rules so that the document could be voted on during this meeting. Council voted unanimously to accept the report on council representation for 1999.

Campus Standing Committee on Administrator Review. Russ Zguta gave a brief history of the committee. In the Spring of 1991 the regular faculty voted to adopt the seven propositions for review of administrators. The Campus Standing Committee on Administrator Review (CSCAR) thus resulted and its membership was based on campus-wide elections. The Financial Oversight Committee came into being at the same time however its membership was based on a nomination process within Faculty Council. Currently, neither committee has been active. Zguta suggested two possible ways to conduct administrator review. The first is to hold campus-wide elections to CSCAR. Alternatively, Council could be made responsible for the propositions assigned to CSCAR either by forming another standing committee of Council or by assigning them to Special Projects.

Visit from Chancellor Wallace and Provost Sheridan

Beginning shortly after 4:00 p.m. Chancellor Wallace and Provost Sheridan began an hour-long visit with Faculty Council. At the beginning of this session, Interim Chancellor Richard Wallace briefly reviewed his vision for MU, and confirmed that he is a candidate for the permanent chancellorship. During the question and answer period, Chancellor Wallace made it clear that the faculty should handle the curriculum, that is, items dealing with clusters, the Committee on Undergraduate Education, and the General Education Architecture. Secondly, relative to fee waivers for graduate students, he noted that a new committee has been appointed to study this issue and to try and find a way to correct problems very soon. Chancellor Wallace expects to have a first report from this committee in time for the full Faculty Meeting at the end of October.

Standing Committee Reports

Student Affairs: Robert Weagley noted that the standing committee is beginning, again, to look into the Mathematica issue; they are looking into student conduct issues and how to deal with these; and, they are also looking at how to get more students involved in faculty/student committees.

Fiscal Affairs: Bob Almony reported that the Fiscal Affairs Committee will have their first meeting on Thursday, September 25, and that Almony already has meetings scheduled with the previous chairs of Faculty Council and Gary Zwonitzer, budget officer for the Provost.

Any Other Business

Faculty raised concerns about the Library's journal cancellations Geden remarked that the problem is being addressed from a system-wide perspective at IFC and that some savings from VERIP might be devoted to the library.

Mike McKean, Chair of Campus Committee on Computer Policy, reported that the committee will sponsor forums at the end of January in order to get faculty, student, and staff input on numerous computer-related issues.

Geden announced that Russ Zguta will chair the next two meetings of Faculty Council because she will be out of the country.

Gordon Christensen asked whether each division could be asked to make a brief report about the status of its school and its concerns to Council each year. Geden said that Executive Committee would discuss his idea. Josh Flory of the Columbia Daily Tribune apologized for remarks in a story that might have offended some faculty.

Closed Session and Adjournment

Faculty Council moved into closed session at 5:08 p.m. in order to select four faculty to serve on the Chancellor Search Committee. Faculty Council adjourned at 6:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Robert Almony, Recorder