Meeting Minutes: October 5, 1995


Present were: Edward Adelstein, Gary Allee, Craig Anderson, Lloyd Barrow, Marshall Masek for Hardeep Bhullar, Benedict Campbell, Cyrus Harbourt for Joe Charleson, Leornard Forte, Allen Hahn, Peter Hall, Jean Hamilton, William Fisch for Ed Hunvald, Nancy Knipping, Charles Knowles, Marian Minor, Alex Pickard, Ron Plain, Patricia Plummer, Michael Porter, Don Ranly, Ray Rothenberger, Dennis Sentilles, Susan Taylor, Harry Tyrer, Gilbert Youmans, Bob Almony (Librarians), and Roy Utz (Retirees). Absent were: Jere Francis, Mary Ellen Sievert, Sara Walker, and Mabel Grimes (Black Faculty&Staff)

Approval of Minutes

Chairperson Patricia Plummer brought the meeting to order in Room S110 of the Memorial Union at 3:40 p.m. The minutes of the September 14, 1995 meeting were approved as presented.

Report of Officers

It was announced by Pat Plummer that the graduate students are planning a graduate student rally for October 11, tentatively at noon, on the steps of Jesse Hall to open discussion on the graduate student fee waiver policy with the Administration. The graduate students wanted it understood that this rally is not a strike, nor is it a protest.

Next, Pat reported that Executive Vice President McGill will join us at the next meeting of Faculty Council regarding health care, health insurance and the University Hospital. Faculty Council members are encouraged to prepare questions now and send them to Becky Flanders, at the Faculty Council Office, or to Pat Plummer ahead of time, so that Vice President McGill can be prepared to answer these questions. Next, Pat reported from the General Officers Meeting that the main item of discussion was a planning document that is being proposed for a new five-year strategic plan. There are no details available at this time except that the Resource and Planning Council of the Board of Curators will meet next Thursday to discuss this further. A framework has been suggested, and the Chancellors of the four campuses have been asked to respond to this framework in time for the Resource and Planning Council Meeting.

Discussion Items

Faculty Representation on International Programs. A proposal was presented for consideration by the Faculty Council on the creation of four new groups to advise on international activities. This would include: 1) a Council on International Initiatives (CII) that would be advisory to the Provost and would include two faculty members appointed by Faculty Council; 2) regional working groups, for which Faculty Council would be invited to recommend faculty members to serve as chair and members of these working groups; 3) a Study Abroad Advisory Council for which Faculty Council will be invited to recommend five to six faculty members; and 4) an external International Advisory Council for which Faculty Council will be invited to recommend two faculty members to serve on this council. Interested faculty should contact their Faculty Council representatives for a detailed sense of the pros and cons of these initiatives, vis-a-vis past practice. Jo Behymer, of the Provost Office, sees these proposals as strengthening faculty involvement in international affairs on campus. Anyone with questions should communicate these quickly to Pat Plummer for consideration at the next meeting when this will become an action item of Faculty Council.

Faculty Policy on Issues Related to Students with Learning Disabilities. Jean Hamilton presented a draft policy on this issue for the consideration of Faculty Council. Jean reiterated that this is only a "talking draft" and not a final document yet. Jean Hamilton reviewed this document in some detail, which is two pages in length at this time. There was lengthy discussion regarding the issues involved. Again, faculty members are urged to contact their Faculty Council representative to look at this document in detail.

IFC Report

It was reported by Pat Plummer and Dennis Sentilles that the IFC discussed two items at their last meeting: 1) health care; and 2) the sensitivity of the other campuses vis-a-vis their position relative to MU as a Carnegie 1 Research Institution. Pat Plummer then reported that IFC has been reorganized to allow for an Executive Committee that would, in essence, have four faculty members from IFC meeting with the General Officers. Next, Pat noted that the IFC has voted unanimously to allow the President of the University to come up with a common academic calendar for the four campuses.

Board of Curators Report

Gary Allee passed out a copy of his two-page report on the last Board of Curators Meeting. One item of special note is that the retirement and endowment funds are in extremely good shape, and that the return on these funds was over 16% for the last fiscal year. He also noted that Curator's Scholarship Awards were given to a total of 732 incoming freshman students. These awards are worth more than $2.5 million for the 1995/96 academic year. This is an increase of 125 students at an additional cost of $791,057.

Standing Committee Reports

Academic Affairs: No specific actions to report at this time except that they are working on the agenda items created at the Faculty Council Retreat.

Faculty Affairs: No report.

Fiscal Affairs: No report.

Special Projects: They are working on a home page for Faculty Council.

Student Affairs: Mike Porter reported that the Student Affairs committee has scheduled meetings with various other committees around the campus that are involved in student affairs. Pat Plummer reported that she has talked Vice Chancellor Schroeder about the possibility of reducing student prices for concerts to encourage more student attendance.

Other Business

Sue Taylor reported that she had talked to Rob Logan and that the "Logan Report" is completed. This is the report that deals with the Extension, and Land Grant Mission of the University. It was noted that the Faculty Council would like to see a copy of this report as soon as possible.

Al Hahn reported that on October 25, 1995 at 3:40 p.m. the University Forum will host a discussion on Academic Entrepreneurship. This will be held in the Reynolds Alumni Center.

Al Hahn reported that he had recently attended a luncheon with the ASUM (Associated Students of the University of Missouri) at which Tim Harlan was also present. One of the issues raised was the possible sale of the University Hospital. This led to a significant and lengthy discussion about the information that is currently available about this possible sale or lease of the University Hospital, and the apparent secrecy around which all negotiations are currently proceeding. Again, after lengthy discussion, it was moved, seconded and passed to suspend the rules to allow Faculty Council to pass two motions. The first motion that was moved, seconded and passed is that:

"The MU Faculty Council strongly opposes any change in management or control of the University Hospital until we fully understand the teaching and research consequences of this action."

Secondly, it was moved, seconded and passed that:

"All negotiations involving the University Hospital must actively involve the MU Chancellor, our Provost, the Dean of the Medical School, the Dean of Nursing and a Health Related Professions representative." Both of these motions were unanimously passed by the entire Faculty Council present.

Faculty Council moved into Executive Session at 5:45 p.m. to discuss committee appointments. Faculty Council adjourned at 5:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Almony, Recorder