Meeting Minutes: August 31, 1995


Present were: Craig Anderson, Lloyd Barrow, Hardeep Bhullar, Joe Charlson, Leonard Forte, Jere Francis, Jean Hamilton, Edward Hunvald, Nancy Knipping, Charles Knowles, Marian Minor, Alex Pickard, Glenn Pierce, Ron Plain, Patricia Plummer, Michael Porter, Don Ranly, Ray Rothenberger, Dennis Sentilles, Mary Ellen Sievert, Susan Taylor, Harry Tyrer, Sara Walker, Bob Almony (Librarians), Roy Utz (Retirees), and Mabel Grimes (Black Faculty&Staff). Absent were: Edward Adelstein, Gary Allee, Benedict Campbell, Allen Hahn, Peter Hall, and C. Gilbert Youmans.

Approval of Minutes

Chairperson Patricia Plummer brought the meeting to order in the Tiger Lounge at the Faurot Field Stadium at 3:40 p.m. The minutes of the July 20, 1995 Faculty Council Meeting were approved as presented.

Report of Officers

Over the summer Pat Plummer met with several chairs of Faculty Council Standing Committees and many administrators on campus, including people such as Vice Chancellor Charles Schroeder, Vice Chancellor Kee Groshong, Vice Provost K.C. Morrison, and the Director of Admissions Gary Smith. She talked with each of them about what is working and what is not working relative to the Faculty Standing Committees that interact with their areas of responsibility. During the next month Pat hopes to meet with the rest of the chairs of the Standing Committees. Pat stated that she hopes Faculty Council will have a proactive year and anticipates a good year in working with IFC and our sister campuses on items of mutual interest. She then encouraged all members of Faculty Council to obtain and begin using electronic mail as this is often the fastest means of communication among busy faculty members. The Board of Curators will meet in Columbia in September. On Friday, September 22, the MU Faculty Council will host a breakfast with the Board. Everyone is encouraged to attend. Pat told the members of Council that the Board of Curators is very interested in cooperation between the four campuses; for example, they will be looking into a student passport in the future which will allow students to obtain credit on campuses for classes taken on other campuses and which will allow them to transfer easily.

Furthermore, the Board of Curators is interested in a review of the Curator's Scholarship. One of the problems that we have is some of the campuses have so many good students who qualify for the Curator's Scholarship that they cannot afford to hand all of these out. Next, Pat reported that the General Officers are working on updating technology plans for the campuses. The three main areas of concern for the Fall of 1995 include: 1) a Student Information System, 2) a new Alumni Development System, and 3) a Facilities System. Finally Pat mentioned that there will be a new family fee for the Recreation Center for this Fall. Dennis Sentilles, Vice Chair, reminded us that there is a Health Care Oversight Committee on campus and that he would like any information you have or any comments that you have, sent to this committee or to Dennis to share with them.

Action Items


Discussion Items

Intercollegiate Athletics - Joe Castiglione. Joe Castiglione, MU Athletic Director, met with Faculty Council and welcomed us to the Tiger Lounge and Faurot Field. Joe talked quite extensively about how he wishes to integrate athletics with academics on the MU campus. For example, he mentioned that he is pleased with the progress that has been made in the "Total Person Program" and the success of our student athletes over the last year. For example, 112 of 430 student athletes were on the Dean's List this last year. The average GPA for the student athletes last year was a 2.7 overall. However, he also noted that while he is pleased with current progress he would like to see increases in the numbers of student athletes who make the Dean's List, and he would like to increase the average GPA of the student athletes. Next, he mentioned that we currently have an 86% retention rate for student athletes and a 58% graduation rate (using NCAA formulas for a six year period). He pointed out that student athletes often leave the campus for reasons other than academic failure. He spent some time addressing two specific issues: 1) student athlete absences from classes, and 2) the disciplining of student athletes for infractions of the law. He finished up his presentation with a question and answer period.

Board of Curators Report A summary of the report of the Board of Curators' actions, for their meeting on July 27, 1995, as recorded by Ed Hunvald, was handed out at the meeting. Additional copies of this report are available from Becky Flanders in the Faculty Council Office in Jesse Hall.

Standing Committee Reports

There were no standing committee reports at this time. The standing committees will have a chance to meet for the first time during the workshop of Faculty Council in the afternoon and evening of September 5, 1995.

Fall Convocation Mike Porter, the new chair of the Student Affairs Committee for the 1995/96 year, represented the Faculty Council at the Fall Convocation on the MU campus. Mike reported that the new students were very receptive to this Fall Convocation and their new tradition of passing through the columns. Mike reported to Faculty Council that he did encourage all new students to take some time to actually go to faculty offices and meet their faculty instructors.

Closed Session for Election of Council Officers, Committee Assignments, and Adjournment

Faculty Council moved into closed session at 5:02 p.m. The following individuals were approved as chairs for the Standing Committees of Faculty Council for the 1995/96 year. Faculty Affairs: Jean Hamilton; Academic Affairs: Glenn Pierce; Fiscal Affairs: Mary Ellen Sievert; Student Affairs: Michael Porter; and Special Projects: Susan Taylor. Next, Charles Slivinsky was appointed to the Honorary Degrees Committee and Pat Okker, of English, was appointed to the Admissions Review Committee. Faculty Council adjourned at 5:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Almony, Recorder