Meeting Minutes: April 11, 1996


Present: Edward Adelstein, Jim Brown (for Lloyd Barrow), Leonard Forte, Jere Francis, Peter Hall, Edward Hunvald, Charles Knowles, John Miles, Marian Minor, Craig Isrealson (for Johnetta Morrison), Patricia Plummer, Michael Porter, Betty Winfield (for Don Ranly), Ray Rothenberger, Dennis Sentilles, Susan Taylor, Harry Tyrer, Gilbert Youmans, Bob Almony (Librarians), Roy Utz, and Mabel Grimes (Black Faculty and Staff). Absent: Gary Allee, Craig Anderson, Hardeep Bhullar, Benedict Campbell, Allen Hahn, Nancy Knipping, Alex Pickard, Glenn Pierce, Ron Plain, Mary Ellen Sievert, and Sara Walker.

Approval of Minutes

Chair Pat Plummer called the meeting to order at 3:45 p.m. in Room S110 of the Memorial Union. The minutes of the March 28, 1996 meeting were approved as presented.

Report of Officers: Pat immediately offered congratulations to the Faculty Council members whose outstanding teaching has been recognized by the campus--Sue Taylor, Kemper Award winner and Craig Anderson, Gold Chalk Award winner. Second, Pat thanked Dennis Sentilles for chairing the previous meeting of Council, and Glenn Pierce who filled in as the recorder.

Pat announced the creation of a new task force consisting of members of MSA, a member of the Academic Affairs Committee, and a member of the Student Affairs Committee, to collect information on problems dealing with the +/- grading system, and to recommend solutions for Council's consideration next year. Mike Prewitt will be invited to be a consultant to this group.

Pat announced that the General Officers met on April 5, 1996 and their primary agenda item was the Board of Curators Meeting to be held in Rolla on April 25, 1996. At this meeting, President Russell announced that the university will be participating in a PEW Foundation Round Table in the fall. The general topic is "optimum use of higher education dollars to provide the best service to the citizens of the state." In addition, there was discussion of pending legislation including a broader open meetings law and testing of English proficiencies for all people who are in charge of a class or a section. With regard to the latter, President Russell has persuaded the state legislators sponsoring this bill to allow the university time to "fix the problems". "The budget request will suffer if we don't," Pat stated. Next, Pat announced that the President has informed the Chancellors that he would not approve any "tenure" buyouts which would impact the retirement program. Discussion on the benefits plan changes are still continuing. Following the General Officers Meeting, the Resources and Planning Committee, chaired by Chairman Beckett, met. The topics were: 1) Enrollment Management in Examination of Exceptions Admitted on the Four Campuses, and 2) Continuing Work on the New Strategic Plan. It was agreed that the Chancellors could defer to August or October 1996 presentations of details for the new plan. The Financial Affairs and Academic Affairs Committees will meet in Rolla on Wednesday afternoon prior to the Board Meeting.

IFC will meet on April 19, 1996, and Curator Combs has been invited to be present.

A letter has been sent to the chairs of all division policy committees requesting nominations for the Campus Standing Committee on Administrative Review (CSCAR). Pat Plummer has asked Faculty Council to make their colleagues aware that we are seeking nominations by May 1. As soon as possible after that, a ballot will be distributed to the entire faculty in hopes that we can have the committee ready to go at the beginning of the Fall semester. Finally, the General Faculty Meeting has been moved to May 6, 1996. Pat thanked those members of Faculty Council, and asked them to also thank their colleagues, for the materials they have sent her detailing the outstanding activities and accomplishments of our students which will be highlighted at this General Faculty meeting.

In reports from other officers, Ed Hunvald mentioned that the latest issue of the Faculty Forum is now out.

Discussion Items

Guest: Brady Deaton, Chief of Staff - Public Policy and Policy Changes on Cooperative Programs. Brady stated that the University of Missouri-Columbia's land-grant philosophy and comprehensive academic programs provide a strong foundation for public policy research and education. Along that line, the University is producing a brochure entitled "MU Public Policy Initiatives" that is designed to provide a brief overview of the public policy work of the institution. Copies of this brochure will soon be available from the Faculty Council Office and Brady Deaton's office. Brady also mentioned that this brochure is an evolving communications piece, and that it will be initially shared with state legislators, the Board of Curators, the other campuses of the University of Missouri System, and fifty copies will go to each of the centers mentioned in the brochure. Brady was quick to point out that the brochure is more information sharing, not a control issue. He stated, "We want to keep this very open."

Action Items

Committee on Undergraduate Education: The Academic Affairs Committee recommends that the responsibilities of the Committee on Undergraduate Education be expanded to include serving as an undergraduate curriculum committee for the MU campus. The current CUE is mandated to develop a detailed charge and scope of authority and to bring this to Council for its input and approval. It was noted that the new committee may need to revise and/or add to its membership in response to its additional duties. It is the opinion of Faculty Council that it not make these decisions prior to CUE's input and development of its charge. The areas the new Committee will be especially involved with include new emphasis areas, multi-divisional cooperation and area development, and evaluating academic impact of core/program additions or deletions. This committee will work closely with the divisional Undergraduate Curriculum Committees and with the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs. This action was moved, seconded, and passed unanimously by the Faculty Council.

Standing Committee Reports

Academic Affairs: No report.

Faculty Affairs: The Faculty Affairs Committee will present Proposition 4 regarding the evaluation of Deans at the May 2 meeting of Faculty Council. Secondly, the Missouri Association of Faculty Senates will meet next Monday, and this will be reported on at the May 2 meeting.

Fiscal Affairs: It was noted that Pat Morton, Director of Institutional Budget and Planning, will be a guest speaker at the next meeting of Faculty Council.

Special Projects: No report.

Student Affairs: No report.

Other Business

There was some discussion regarding the Provost's position/views on tuition waivers for Ph.D. students. Pat Plummer will attempt to clarify his position and will get back to Faculty Council with this at a future meeting. Pat believes that most schools waive tuition for Ph.D. candidates.

Closed Session and Adjournment

Faculty Council moved into closed session at 4:45 p.m. to appoint the standing committee members for the 1996/97 academic year. Faculty Council then adjourned at 5:15 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Robert Almony, Recorder