Meeting Minutes: February 15, 1996


Present were: Edward Adelstein, Gary Allee, Craig Anderson, Lloyd Barrow, W.B. Kurtz (for Hardeep Bhullar), Benedict Campbell, Leonard Forte, Jere Francis, Allen Hahn, Peter Hall, Edward Hunvald, Nancy Knipping, Charles Knowles, John Miles, Michael Prewitt (for Marian Minor), Johnetta Morrison, Alex Pickard, Ron Plain, Patricia Plummer, Michael Porter, Don Ranly, Ray Rothenberger, Dennis Sentilles, Bryce Allen (for Mary Ellen Sievert), Susan Taylor, Harry Tyrer, Bob Almony (Librarians), Roy Utz (Retirees). Absent were: Glenn Pierce, Sara Walker, and Mabel Grimes (Black Faculty and Staff).

Report of Officers

Chairwoman Pat Plummer called the meeting to order at 3:40 p.m. in Room S110 of the Memorial Union.

The following resolution was passed by the faculty of the School of Medicine and forwarded by Dr. Kathy L. Sharpe-Timms, Chair, Faculty Affairs Council, for consideration by the MU Faculty Council.

Be it resolved by the faculty of the School of Medicine that any future deliberations regarding potential partnerships and/or mergers of the University Hospital with any internal or external health care organizations be carried out with full participation by representatives of the faculty of the MU School of Medicine. At least two faculty members holding regular academic rank will be selected by the Faculty Affairs Council to serve as members of the negotiating/decision-making team. These faculty representatives will report directly to the Faculty Affairs Council and to the Faculty Assembly.

It was moved to suspend the rules to support this resolution and it was seconded and passed. However, it was moved and seconded to table the resolution until the next Faculty Council meeting to allow for input from other departments within the Health Sciences Center.

A letter has been received by the Faculty Council from the Minority Affairs Committee dealing with the lack of sexual orientation protection in the official University of Missouri policy. The committee wants us to support adding sexual orientation to the list of protected categories. After much discussion of this request and the campus' statement of MU's policy of non-discrimination, it was decided to hold this item for further discussion by Faculty Council in the future.

Ed Hunvald reported that the latest issue of Faculty Forum is now out.

Gary Allee reported that the next Board of Curators meeting will be in St. Louis next week. One of the items of probable discussion will be student enrollment management.

Dennis Sentilles reported on four items for the IFC. First, IFC approved a motion commending President Russell and University officials for developing a figure ($8.8 million) for Four-Campus Infrastructure Support and asked that their recommendations be included as part of the new strategic plan. Secondly, President Russell met with IFC and began by mentioning his concern about two bills before the legislature. One deals with the English language skills of faculty who did not complete their major studies in the English language; and the other is an open meeting law that is so broad that it could be quite cumbersome and unworkable. He is working closely with the sponsors of the first bill to make it less onerous. IFC then returned to an inconclusive discussion of "Teaching", and more broadly "Professionalism", in the contemporary university, and intends to return to this topic again. Finally, IFC plans to meet with Curator Fred Hall in late March.

Discussion Items

Planning Report, Retirement&Staff Benefits Committee. Ken Hutchinson, Associate Vice President for Human Resources at the University of Missouri, Dr. Keith Schrader, Professor of Mathematics and one of MU's representatives to the Retirement and Staff Benefits Committee of the University of Missouri were on hand to present a summary report on the long-range planning recommendations of the Retirement and Staff Benefits Committee. A full copy of the Committee's report is available in the Faculty Council Office. They reported that many of the non-cost items recommended by the Committee may be given serious consideration by University Hall; however, items with significant costs attached may not get approval. Two equity issues may have a chance of approval due to the fact that they may be required legally. These two items are: 1) the reinstatement of survivor's benefits for surviving spouses who have lost benefits by remarrying; and 2) pre-retirement death benefits which makes benefits for unmarried employees similar to the benefits for married employees. Two additional items which may have a chance of being approved at this time include: 1) the portability of vested benefits after one's present value has accumulated to more than $20,000 in the retirement program; and 2) the option of having a partial (30%) distribution at retirement as opposed to being forced to annuitize one's entire retirement accumulation. We may also soon see negotiated discounts for vision care products and services as a part of the health care package.

Retired Faculty

Adjunct Status for Campus Standing Committees. Some discussion followed whether or not retired faculty could serve as adjunct members to the standing committees of Faculty Council. No decision was made at this time, and this may be given further consideration in the future.

Standing Committee Reports

[Recorder's Note: The recorder was called out of the meeting by an emergency phone call and missed all of the Standing Committee reports but returned for Any Other Business.]

Other Business

Dr. Al Hahn presented a resolution for Jean Hamilton. The following resolution was moved, seconded, and unanimously passed by Faculty Council.

Whereas, Professor Jean A. Hamilton has served as a faithful and vital member of the MU Faculty Council and on the Executive Committee of that Council and especially served as the intellectual conscience of the Council, be it therefore resolved that we express a profound gratitude to her for those years of dedicated service to the Faculty Council of the University of Missouri Columbia. The issue of the common calendar for the four campuses for the 1997-98 school year was discussed in some detail. During this discussion it became obvious that the common calendar would present a problem for the School of Engineering in that this particular calendar schedules Spring Break for the first week of March, which conflicts with the Engineering Week for the School of Engineering. After much discussion, it was moved, seconded and passed that the Chair of Faculty Council is empowered to take appropriate action to set the 1997-98 calendar for the MU campus in compliance with the guidelines passed by the IFC and reported in the minutes of 2-1-96.

Closed Session and Adjournment

Faculty Council moved in closed session at 5:10 p.m. Faculty Council adjourned at 5:15 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Robert Almony, Recorder