Meeting Minutes: August 25, 1994


Present were: Gary Allee, Lloyd Barrow, Hardeep Bhullar, Dale Blevins, Bob Birkenholz (for Irv Cockriel), Vicki Conn, Jay Dix, Leonard Forte, Allen Hahn, Peter Hall, Edward Hunvald, Charles Knowles, John Miles, Loren Nikolai, Deborah Pearsall, Kathy Timms (for Larry Penney), Glenn Pierce, Patricia Plummer, Michael Porter, Michael Prewitt, Dennis Sentilles, Don Sievert, Mary Ellen Sievert, Fred Springsteel, Harry Tyrer, Betty Winfield, Jean Hamilton, Robert Almony (Library), Roy Utz (Retirees). Absent were: Benedict Campbell, and Mabel Grimes (Black Faculty and Staff).

Approval of Minutes

Chairman Hunvald called the meeting to order in Room S110 in the Memorial Union at 3:40 p.m. Fred Springsteel requested changes in the wording of his comments in the 7/28/94 minutes of the Faculty Council. With these changes, the minutes were approved.

Report of Officers

Chairman Hunvald reminded all members of the Council Workshop that will be held on August 30, 1994 beginning at 2:00 p.m., at the Holiday Inn Executive Center. A packet that was sent out earlier with the minutes of the 7/28 meeting included a schedule of meetings and reports for this Council Workshop. There were no other reports of the officers.

Action Items

Emeritus Appointments. Professor Hamilton presented another draft of the document on emeritus faculty appointments. A noted change in this document is the major rewrite in point A3 regarding contributions of faculty necessary to qualify as emeritus faculty. It is to be noted that whatever the Chancellor may wish to do is still up to the Chancellor. After brief discussion, the draft document on emeritus faculty appointments was passed by a unanimous voice vote. This document will be forwarded to Richard Wallace's office for IFC (Intercampus Faculty Council).

Discussion Items

Council Workshop August 30. Standing Committee assignments are included in the packet sent out with the 7/28 minutes. All members of Council serve on a standing committee or on the Executive Committee of Council.

The new Library Scholarship Task Force will have its first meeting on Wednesday, September 7. The letters informing task force members of this meeting were sent out on August 25th and should be received shortly.

If members of Council have any items of concern for this year, they should bring those to the workshop on August 30, or to their individual standing committee, or to the Executive Committee.

General Faculty Meeting. There will be two this year, with the first occurring on Tuesday, September 13. The Chancellor wished to hold the General Faculty Meeting earlier this year in order to introduce new faculty and have a reception after the General Faculty Meeting. Faculty Council's Executive Committee also agreed to an early date so that they could report on "items to come," this year as opposed to reporting later in the semester.

Standing Committee Reports

There were no reports.

Report from General Education

There was no report.

Closed Session for Personnel Items, Committee Assignments, Executive Committee Election, and Adjournment

A second Executive Committee election was held to fill a vacancy left by Hildegarde Heymann. The 1994-95 Executive Committee of Council is as follows:

Edward Hunvald, Chair
Patricia Plummer, Vice Chair
Robert Almony, Recorder
Donald Sievert , Editor of Faculty Forum, IFC
John Miles, Observer to the Board of Curators
Jean Hamilton, Chair, Faculty Affairs
Mike Prewitt, Chair, Academic Affairs
Dennis Sentilles, Chair, Fiscal Affairs
Special Projects, Chair, Gary Allee
Students Affairs, Chair, Dale Blevins

After the items of business for closed session were concluded and a brief meeting of the 1994-95 Executive Committee the meeting adjourned at 5:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Robert Almony, Recorder