Meeting Minutes: August 26, 1993


Chairman Hunvald called the meeting to order at 3:40 p.m. in room S110 of the Memorial Union. Present were: Gary Allee, Hardeep Bhullar, Robert Birkenholz, Irv Cockriel, Vicki Conn, Jay Dix, Hildegarde Heymann, Jean Hamilton, Edward Hunvald, Brent Jones, John Miles, Kerby Miller, Loren Nikolai, Deborah Pearsall, Larry Penney, Glenn Pierce, Patricia Plummer, Michael Prewitt, Kit Salter, Don Sievert, Mary Ellen Sievert, Harry Tyrer, Don York, Warren Zahler, Mabel Grimes (Black Faculty and Staff Organization), Dean Schmidt (Library), Birgit Wassmuth was an alternate for Betty Winfield. Absent were: John Bauer, Dale Blevins, Dennis Sentilles, and Ray Schroeder (Retirees).

Report of Officers

The chairman discussed assignments to committees and the revised schedule of meetings for the year. Since Council does not meet on Thursdays when the Board of Curators meets, it was suggested that the various committees of Council might use these occasions for their meetings.

There was considerable discussion of the new regulations regarding class attendance, withdrawals, and the like (see Appendix 1). Four of these changes have been adopted and are in practice. Professor Plummer noted that the requirement of the instructor's signature on an add-drop form after the 25th day of the semester constituted a substantive change. Professor Pierce wondered about students who might forge an instructor's signature on such a form. He was assured that such students could still be assigned an F through the use of a change-of-grade form. The proposal concerning extension and correspondence enrollment is still having its wording refined. Doris Littrell, Director of Extension Teaching, has contacted various members of Council concerning this proposal. Council determined that she should address her concerns in writing to Gary Smith, Ted Tarkow, and Council. There is a further proposal from Dean Tarkow concerning the deadline for adding courses, to be acted on by Council later.

The Chairman further stated that letters will be going out to the appointees to the newly appointed Financial Oversight Committee, and reminded Council of the upcoming workshop on September 7 and its anticipated topics.

Action Items

Policy on Faculty Grievance Hearing Committees. The adoption of the document was moved by Professor Cockriel and seconded by Professor Sievert (See Appendix 2). In the ensuing discussion Professor Hamilton asked whether there might be a statute of limitations attached, as the effect of the policy would seem increasingly over time to limit the pool of possible members for grievance panels. Vice Provost Behymer doubted if there would be a problem. Besides, if difficulties ensued the policy could always be modified. Professor Miller pointed out that there was currently a grievance in process, the panel for which violates the proposed policy. By voting for the policy now, Council would seem to imply that that panel was biased. The feeling in general was that this was not a substantive enough issue to warrant delay in adopting the policy. The motion passed, with one dissenting vote.

Guest Charles Schroeder, Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs

The substance of a rather diffuse discussion was well summarized in an article in The Columbia Daily Tribune, Friday, August 27, a copy of which is attached as Appendix 3. (Reprinted with permission of The Columbia Daily Tribune.)

Discussion Items

Resolution on Faculty Salary Budget Allocations. This matter has been before Council before, and could have been treated as an action item, but in the absence of Professor Sentilles, its originator, the Chairman found it best to leave it as a discussion item. The Chairman also stated dissatisfaction with the name of the document. The Chairman referred the matter to a conference between the Fiscal Affairs Committee and a representative of the Provost's Office to discuss details of implementation. Professor Jones asked about the relationship of this matter to the report of the Market and Merit Task Force adopted last winter. The Chairman assured Council that there was no relationship. Vice Provost Behymer said the proposal was feasible, but predicted that it would possibly pit individual against individual, department against department, etc., and greatly increase the number of grievances. The Chairman stated that although any information was capable of being abused, it was still worthwhile to make the information available.

Standing Committee Reports

There were no reports from the standing committees. Professor Hamilton appealed for greater use of e-mail. The matter will possibly be taken up at the workshop.

Closed Session for Committee Assignments, Personnel Matters, and Adjournment

Three persons were named to the Honors Council: Virginia Peterson (Agriculture), Marvin Rogers (A&S, Social Sciences), and Joel Maruniak (A&S, at-large).

The following committee appointments were made: Traffic Appeals, Richard Tyler (Law); Environmental Affairs Committee, Jay Kunze (Engineering); Honorary Degrees, David Roediger (History); Status of Women, Louanna Furbee (Anthropology); Student Conduct, Peter Frensch (Psychology); Committee on Undergraduate Education, Paul Weirich (Philosophy); and Promotion and Tenure Committee, Charlotte Parker was appointed Chairperson.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Eugene Lane, Recorder