Meeting Minutes: July 28, 1994


Present were: Lloyd Barrow, Benedict Campbell, Vicki Conn, Allen Hahn, Peter Hall, Jean Hamilton, Ed Hunvald, Brent Jones, Ruth S. MacDonald (for Hildegarde Heymann), Charles Knowles, John B. Miles, Loren Nikolai, Deborah Pearsall, Larry Penney, Glenn Pierce, Patricia Plummer, Michael Porter, Michael Prewitt, Don Sievert, Fred Springsteel, Birgit Wassmuth (for Betty Winfield), Warren Zahler, Robert Almony (Library), Dean Schmidt (Library), Roy Utz (Retirees. Absent were: Gary Allee, John Bauer, Hardeep Bhullar, Robert Birkenholz, Dale Blevins, Jay Dix, Leonard Forte, Karla Hughes, Eugene Lane, Kerby Miller, Dennis Sentilles, Mary Ellen Sievert, Harry Tyrer, and Mabel Grimes (Black Faculty & Staff).

Approval of Minutes

Chairman Hunvald called the meeting to order in room S110 of the Memorial Union at 3:40 pm. The minutes of the June 16, 1994 Faculty Council meeting were moved by Professor Hamilton and approved without any changes.

Report of Officers

Chairman Hunvald noted that this was the last meeting of the 1993-94 Council and, that after going into closed session, would be the first meeting of the 1994-95 Council.

Chairman Hunvald announced that Professor Irv Cockriel had resigned from Faculty Council, having been appointed to chair the College of Education's new Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis.

Chairman Hunvald reported that in connection with the review by the North Central Association (NCA) this coming year, the self-study is being prepared. A draft copy of the self-study will be available for review in September at Ellis library.

Chairman Hunvald reported that, since assessment is going to be a continuing process, there will be a proposal to change the present Assessment Task Force into a permanent committee. The proposed committee will not be a Faculty Council committee but will report to the Provost. It is likely that the members will be appointed by both Council and the Provost's Office.

Action Items

Change in the "Add a Course" Policy. Ted Tarkow, Chair of the Undergraduate Deans Group, addressed the proposed change to shorten the period in which a student could add a course at the beginning of a semester. He indicated that the proposed change was "defacto" in effect now. Many departments already have their own policy for adding courses. The proposed change would only codify what is in effect at the current time. Professor Springsteel said he was mostly in favor of the change but questioned whether establishing deadlines that differed from what was included in the Schedule of Courses would fully inform students. After discussion, Professor Hamilton (seconded by Professor Pearsall) moved to delete the last two sentences of the proposal ("A department may establish an earlier deadline. However, courses that are sequenced (for example, Chemistry 31, 32, 33) may have a later add deadline set by the department and listed in the course catalog.") and to provide instead that a department could establish a different deadline, but such departmental variations must be clearly communicated to the students. With the understanding that the exact wording of added proviso will be worked out by the committee, the amendment was approved, and the motion, as amended, was approved.

Emeritus Appointment. Emeritus Professor Richard Watson appeared and commented on the latest draft on awarding emeritus titles. Professor Watson discussed the points covered earlier in a letter to Chairman Hunvald (copies of which were distributed before the meeting) in which he expressed concern in several areas of the draft document. One area was the provision requiring: "continuous productive contributions to the mission of the department". Professor Watson felt this was too restrictive and demanding. Also, he strongly opposed any involvement by Deans in the decision to recommend emeritus status. There were other comments from faculty who did not favor Dean's input into this decision. Reasons were provided by members of Council and by Dr. Behymer as to why Deans should be invited to give input into any recommendations for emeritus faculty. Professor Watson did agree that emeritus status should not be automatically given for those faculty who have served for 15 years.

Professor Watson suggested that the following questions be considered. "What are other universities doing? Is the proposal in violation of any AAUP regulations? What is the sentiment from the other three UM campuses? What is the sentiment from our faculty? Professor Hamilton responded that the proposed changes in policy provided more faculty authority in making these recommendations, and involved less input from Deans, and would allow more access to faculty to emeritus status. Professor Watson remarked that he thought the current policy provided more protection now than the proposed policy changes.

After much discussion Chairman Hunvald referred the draft document back to the Faculty Affair's Committee to changes in light of this discussion. A revised draft will come back to Council as an action item during the next meeting.

Discussion Items

Library Scholarship Policy Task Force. Professor Sievert presented a proposal to establish a faculty group to deal with the academic implications of library problems. He discussed the charge, responsibility and the composition of a proposed task force. He indicated that the task force is a result of the panel discussion held last May in response to the decisions being made regarding academic resource materials. After discussion Prof. Hamilton moved to suspend the rules (seconded by Prof. Sievert). The motion to suspend the rules was approved. Professor Hamilton moved that "the Faculty Council establish the Library Scholarship Task Force". Professor Sievert seconded. The motion was approved.

Proposal for Certificate in Environmental Science. Information regarding the proposal has been distributed. Endorsement of the proposal will be considered at a later meeting.

Board of Curators and IFC Report

Chairman Hunvald reported the IFC meeting for July was canceled. A report on the July 14-15 Board of Curators had been distributed with the agenda. There was no discussion.

Standing Committee Report

There were no reports.

Report from General Education

Professor Jones indicated the Committee on Undergraduate Education had not met since the last Faculty Council meeting.

Closed Session for Election of the 1994-95 Executive Committee

The following individuals were elected to the indicated Council positions for 1994-95:

Robert Almony Recorder
Donald Sievert Editor of Faculty Forum, IFC
John Miles Observer to the Board of Curators
Hildegarde Heymann Chairperson, Academic Affairs Committee
Dale Blevins Chairperson, Faculty Affairs Committee
Dennis Sentilles Chairperson, Fiscal Affairs Committee
Mike Prewitt Chairperson, Student Affairs Committee
Gary Allee Chairperson, Special Projects Committee

After the items of business for closed session were concluded and a brief meeting of the 1994-95 Executive Committee the meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Michael Prewitt